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Why your CMO cares about recruiting software

Alex Oliver
April 19, 2021

Some companies have dedicated recruitment marketing specialists embedded in their HR team. Others form partnerships between HR and marketing. There are also marketing departments that handle recruitment marketing entirely on their own.

There is no denying the crossover between recruiting and marketing. The two are tied so long as your customer brand impacts your employer brand and vice versa.

But goodwill and healthy team dynamics aren’t enough to sustain your customer marketing or recruitment marketing. The success or failure of both depends, at least in part, on the software infrastructure they’re built upon.

This is why your CMO’s stake in recruiting goes deeper than how your teams work together. Your CMO cares about the recruiting software you use because it affects your brand reputation, workforce, and business overall.

If nothing else, the interconnected nature of recruiting and marketing means that – with the right arguments – your CMO can be a valuable ally in securing support, funding, and executive buy-in to update and upgrade your recruiting capabilities.

Let’s explore how.

Your consumer brand boosts your employer brand

Have you ever been somewhere and thought, “Wouldn’t it be cool to work here?” Maybe it was an amusement park, a local business with friendly associates, or that company a few towns over with a beautiful office building.

Innovative companies know how to turn a great customer experience into a recruiting advantage. They tap into their loyal customer base by making it easy for them to apply to their roles. You can do this in a few ways.

Real-time sourcing from your customer base boosts ROMI

Text-to-apply campaigns turn happy customers into candidates by giving them a shortcode to text using their phones. Some customers have gotten creative in how they advertise. One Colorado-based transportation company suffered from a chronic driver shortage until they started advertising open jobs on the back of their buses.

Fixing their recruitment marketing has created a cycle of success for the business. More drivers mean more routes, and now the company is taking contracts that were going to competitors. Increased revenue means better benefits, and better benefits mean longer driver retention.

Other customers use billboards, radio ads, fliers, and pamphlets. Want to get higher tech? The largest Domino’s franchisee increased applications 66% by using text-to-apply to connect job seekers with their recruiting chatbot named Dottie.

Text-to-apply sticker on car

Don’t have a relevant opening? Give job seekers a way to stay in touch using a candidate relationship management (CRM) system. Your CMO already knows that it’s cheaper to keep an existing customer than acquire a new one. The same is true of candidates.

That’s why one of the largest amusement park operators in North America uses candidate relationship management software to rehire 35% of their seasonal workforce year after year. With 47,000 hires annually, that’s roughly 16,500 candidates they don’t have to pay to source.

Your career site is an extension of your marketing efforts

For digital experiences, double down on your career site. Posting on job boards is effective, but it’s also expensive. Your career site is something you own. Make it your own by showing off your unique culture and work environment. iCIMS Career Sites make it easy to create clean, beautiful pages and connect job seekers to the right jobs using the power of AI.

Want to really impress your CMO? Use employee video testimonials to engage candidates and boost your career site in search rankings. Translation: cheaper leads and more conversions.

Global beauty brand L’Oréal uses iCIMS Video Studio to produce on-brand employee videos. Employees create these with their phones, rather than through an expensive professional video production team. Admins help shape the content with guided prompts, editing, and branded elements added in the app.

There’s a big difference between showing and telling. Your CMO knows this better than anyone. As a recruiter, you can pitch the virtues of your company all day, every day. It’s essential and makes a big difference. But it also comes from a biased source. Much like the car salesman whose job it is to tell you the car you’re looking at is great.

Your peers on other teams? They have no horse in this race. It really means something when they stand up and say, “I love working here, and this is why.”

We’re all in the business of recruiting, even if we’re not recruiters. When it comes to hiring, we’re all extremely qualified to speak on company culture and workplace environment. We live it daily.

Capturing that authentic endorsement with video content (which dramatically boosts career site SEO while maintaining your brand) will certainly get your CMO’s attention.

Diverse teams are better for your business and brand

Building a diverse organization is about more than doing the right thing or looking good in the court of public opinion. Diverse teams outperform less diverse teams. That’s a quantifiable metric.

Your CMO likely already knows diverse teams are more innovative, generating 45% more revenue, according to BCG. According to a McKinsey & Company study, organizations that rank highest in gender diversity are also 27% more profitable.

Your CMO also knows that your brand’s reputation rests on their shoulders. Earlier, we talked about some of the candidate-facing ways to do this: career sites, employee testimonial videos, and text-to-apply campaigns. The first two show off your employees. The third is a very effective candidate sourcing tool.

Sourcing is one of the most challenging parts of improving diversity and inclusion at your company. If you want your workforce to reflect your customer base, recruit from them. iCIMS Text Engagement’s text-to-apply functionality is a direct way to widen your candidate pool.

Then there’s the recruiting software at work behind the scenes. The right applicant tracking system actively promotes diversity by matching the strongest candidates to your open roles.

Through the power of machine learning, iCIMS’ AI recruiting software surfaces candidates who might otherwise have been overlooked based on their education or prior experience. The system is intelligent, unbiased, and explains the rationale behind its decision-making.

Discover more ways to engage candidates

I hope this provided you some good insight into how your CMO likely thinks about recruiting and recruiting software. Your CMO can be a valuable ally in securing the support, funding, and executive buy-in to update and upgrade your recruiting tools.

Ready for more? Learn how to successfully engage candidates throughout the hiring process by downloading The guide to engaging top talent.

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