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London Borough of Harrow

How a diverse UK borough uses iCIMS to remove barriers for under-represented candidates and cut onboarding time for hiring managers.


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Due to the diverse nature of roles across the borough, London Borough of Harrow outsourced all hiring to an agency for more than a decade. Hiring everyone from social workers and teachers to refuse collectors and cleaners, this London borough needed a solution to bring its recruitment in-house.

Working from the ground up, London Borough of Harrow trained more than 300 hiring managers to overturn its recruitment model in a short space of time using a simplified and easy to use ATS. 

London Borough of Harrow’s approach

As one of London’s most diverse boroughs, representing the community was a main ambition for London Borough of Harrow. This meant finding a solution that would encourage applicants from under-represented groups. The borough needed to make it easier for people to apply.

Unlike many organizations that use long application processes to remove unconscious bias, the borough used iCIMS to create an easy-apply solution all while offering candidate anonymity. This helped encourage diverse applicants, boost application rates and cut time-to-apply from 45 minutes to just over 7 minutes.

Construction team in the London Borough of Harrow

Speeding up the onboarding process

Prior to using iCIMS, the team had a manual onboarding process that took hours of hiring managers’ time every week. With iCIMS Talent Cloud, hiring managers can complete onboarding in one click of a button.

As a result of the new process, the team shaved onboarding time from 10 days to 10 minutes, saving the team hours every week and days every month.


Creating a usable platform for hiring managers

Recruiting 300 hiring managers meant the borough needed a scalable platform. iCIMS allows hiring managers across the organization to use the same platform but customize their dashboard to fit their individual needs.

Hiring managers can use iCIMS Talent Cloud to accurately match jobs based on CV helping the team find best-fit candidates while cutting down on manual time. “I’ve used a lot of job matching solutions which just don’t work – iCIMS matches jobs to a CV really well, and I have seen it work successfully in many circumstances.” said Akhil Wilson, Head of Resourcing at Harrow Council.

Street view of London Borough of Harrow

With iCIMS, London Borough of Harrow:

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Removes barriers to apply for under-represented candidates and drives diversity hiring

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Boosts application rates across the borough

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Sped up processes for hiring managers and cut manual admin time

Cut time-to-apply from 45 minutes to 7 minutes

Shaved onboarding time from 10 days to 10 minutes

Hired 500 staff members across the council

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