Cloud recruiting products

iCIMS’ Talent Cloud delivers a full range of powerful recruitment software built to help you attract, engage, hire, and advance the world’s best talent.

Best-in-class recruitment software

The iCIMS Talent Cloud has everything your organization needs to elevate your talent strategy and stay prepared for the future of work.

Applicant tracking system

Find, manage, and hire candidates with advanced AI and analytics

Career sites

Present a top-notch employer brand, appeal to the right candidates, and match those candidates with roles and projects based on their skills and potential

Candidate relationship management

Streamline your entire approach to candidate engagement, build a robust talent pipeline, and reduce time-to-fill

Employee onboarding

Help new hires get up and running faster with new hire portals that make it easy to collect online forms and track progress

Opportunity marketplace

Improve employee experience, retention, and reduce internal talent mobility friction with the iCIMS Opportunity Marketplace.

Shape the future of hiring with AI

Our unified recruitment platform features robust AI- and ML-driven solutions that can help you build a diverse, winning workforce. With iCIMS’ Talent Cloud, you can:

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Automatically match candidates with the roles that fit them best

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Maximize your recruiting department’s productivity

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Boost diversity and inclusion efforts by reducing bias

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Leverage AI and conversational interfaces to engage new candidates

A single platform to build your winning workforce

The iCIMS Talent Cloud is a unified talent acquisition platform that delivers solutions to improve how you attract, engage, hire, and advance top candidates. With iCIMS’ Talent Cloud, you can:

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Increase automation, insight, and guidance with built-in AI

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Connect all of your HR solutions with turnkey integrations

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Rely on our commitment to compliance, transparency, and security

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Create new solutions with a robust developer toolkit

Committed to accessibility

iCIMS recognizes the importance of web accessibility and strives to ensure that iCIMS products are capable of compliance with the WCAG 2.1 (A & AA) standard as outlined by the W3C.

Specialized solutions for your industry

Whether you need a heart surgeon in Alaska or thousands of seasonal hires to handle your busy season, iCIMS has solutions built to meet the specific challenges of your industry.

Experiences that rock

Learn how Hard Rock Hotel partnered with iCIMS’ to create a single, end-to-end platform across the entire recruiting process.

Learn how iCIMS can help you drive ROI

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