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Automate how you collect and analyze feedback from references and employees to make data-driven decisions with confidence.

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Lower first-year turnover


References who completed a survey in 2022


Reference response rate in less than 2 days

Reference checking

Make smarter, data-driven hiring decisions.

Reference checking and soft skills verification—so you can make hiring decisions with confidence.

Highlighted features

Digitize and automate reference checking to drive better outcomes

  • Free recruiting teams from phone-tag, data collection and reporting tasks so they can focus on finding more great candidates.
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Verify soft skills to improve hiring decisions

  • Gain insight into a candidate’s competencies that help determine success for that job.
  • Get started quickly with a comprehensive library of job-specific surveys focused on soft skills critical for each role.
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More accurately predict new hire success and reduce first-year turnover

  • Predict job success, improve talent decisions and make hiring decisions less risky.
  • Ensure candid and actionable information. Responses are confidential to increase participation.
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Take advantage of your candidates’ networks to build a more diverse talent pool

  • Find and engage passive candidates through references and referrals to source high-quality talent.
  • Target all candidates or just new hires to ask them to refer others they think will be a great fit for the organization.
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SkillSurvey automates 80% of the process. It helps our HR teams get references done in a timely manner without playing phone tag. But we also get more in-depth information that we would never receive on a phone call.

Talent acquisition manager, Seaside Healthcare

Automated employee surveys

Measure employee feedback and sentiment at critical touchpoints

Get visibility into data, insights and benchmarks —backed by scientific methodology — for an end-to-end view of employee sentiment.

Highlighted features

Automated employee life cycle feedback and sentiment at your fingertips

  • Measure the perceptions, opinions and intentions of employees. Make more informed decisions with surveys designed to ask the right questions at each step of the employee life cycle.
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Support your DEI initiatives

  • Drill down into specific demographic dimensions (including age, generation, race/ethnicity, gender, disability status and veteran status) to see where there are challenges and use insights to improve engagement and DEI programs.
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See how you stack up against other organizations

  • Leverage benchmarking to help Talent Acquisition, Talent Management and HR teams strengthen their strategy, set realistic goals and celebrate successes, while helping to spotlight opportunities for improvement.
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Fuel engagement and retention with actionable analytics

  • Get measurable data at critical touch points of the employee life cycle, to drive better engagement, performance and retention.
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