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Our partnership with UKG Pro™

Our partnership with Ultimate Kronos Group (UKG) supports the entire talent lifecycle by bringing frictionless recruiting solutions to UKG Pro Onboarding. From attracting to onboarding talent, the combination of iCIMS Talent Cloud and UKG Pro Onboarding delivers a better user experience for recruiters and applicants. Put your people first with a pre-built, turnkey integration that automates and streamlines your recruit-to-hire workflow.

Improve the hiring process with iCIMS and UKG Pro Onboarding

Optimize your workflow with an intuitive Talent Cloud built to work with your existing HCM platform. With iCIMS + UKG Pro Onboarding, you can:

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Improve real-time analytics and reporting

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Increase productivity with frictionless data transfers

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Enhance the onboarding experience for candidates and recruiters

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Boost compliance and data governance

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Connect with hard-to-reach candidates


Gain the insights you need to elevate the recruitment experience across your entire enterprise.

Transform your organization with iCIMS and UKG