Environmental, social and governance

iCIMS is committed to being a responsible and ethical corporate citizen, which is why Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives are strategic imperatives within our business. iCIMS continuously strives to operate in an environmentally conscious and sustainable manner while continuing to foster a corporate culture that promotes diversity, equity and inclusion.

As a recognized leader in our industry, it is essential for iCIMS to uphold the standards befitting a company that provides a world-class Talent Cloud platform to attract, engage, hire and advance the talent that builds a diverse, winning workforce. iCIMS’ commitment stems from our dedication to our employees, customers, vendors, partners and other key stakeholders. We will continue to develop our ESG program as we grow and expand the iCIMS Talent Cloud.

iCIMS' commitment to ESG

The iCIMS ESG program is an integral part of iCIMS’ values, mission and goals. This begins with our ESG Policy, which is publicly available and provides transparency to iCIMS stakeholders and customers.


Our ESG program focuses on:

iCIMS' mission and values

Materiality assessment from our stakeholders

Risks applicable to our business

Regulatory landscape applicable to our business

iCIMS is building a sustainable and innovative business that further enables us to be a trusted partner by designing our products and business initiatives with ESG principles at the core. To continue this mission, iCIMS will evolve our ESG program and make continuous improvements as environmental, social and governance conditions change.


Below is more specific information about our ESG program:

Our commitment to environmental responsibility

Environmental considerations are a key component of being a responsible corporate citizen. Avoiding waste by conserving the resources that our company uses ensures a sustainable future for both our company. iCIMS takes environmental considerations into account with our products and services while continuing to build out and improve the environmental aspects of our ESG program.

Our commitment to social initiatives

iCIMS is dedicated to supporting the health, safety, and well-being of our employees. iCIMS is also dedicated to addressing the societal issues that face our company and supporting social issues that align with our mission and affect our stakeholders.

Our commitment to ethical governance

Governance is the foundation of iCIMS’ ESG program that ensures we are consistently achieving our goals and commitments. Through this dedication to compliance with our governance program, we continue to build trust with all our stakeholders.


Our commitment to environmental responsibility

Our environmental guiding principles outline our commitment to being a responsible and positive contributor to the conservation of resources and protection of our global environment. iCIMS’ materiality assessment highlights these continued efforts, and below are our primary areas of focus.

Energy management

  • Use LED lights in offices
  • Utilize smart technology to schedule heating, cooling and lighting
  • Utilize IT infrastructure cloud hosted with sustainable vendors

Waste management

  • Utilize our electronic donations and recycling program
  • Use compostable and reusable utensils and recycle waste
  • Implement E-Signature vendors to reduce use of paper products

Sustainable real estate

  • Eliminate underutilized office locations
  • Monitor office location energy consumption metrics

Emission management

  • Utilize a hybrid work schedule
  • Utilize EV chargers available in our Headquarters
  • Perform greenhouse gas (“GHG”) baseline assessment
  • Minimize corporate travel

Our commitment to social initiatives

At iCIMS, people are our greatest asset, and therefore our social program must have our people at its center. iCIMS’ materiality assessment highlights these continued efforts, and below are our primary areas of focus.

Diversity, equity & inclusion​

Employee health, safety & wellbeing​

  • Publish and circulate our Employee Handbook and iCIMS Code of Conduct​
  • Achieve 100% completion of our company trainings
  • Provide employees with outstanding benefits that support work-life balance

Talent attraction, retention & development​

  • Provide employees with employee resource groups that expand our DEI program​
  • Provide employees an opportunity to provide feedback through annual surveys and pulse surveys
  • Provide employees with opportunities to advance their careers

Philanthropy & community engagement​

  • Provide employees with opportunities to volunteer
  • Organize company volunteering events that align with iCIMS culture

In addition to supporting our employees, iCIMS also supports stakeholders outside of iCIMS through our philanthropic endeavors and dedication to protecting human rights. The iCIMS Code of Conduct outlines and emphasizes that allowable charitable donations that support our communities and align with iCIMS values are an important part of iCIMS’ dedicated charitable giving. Likewise, our support for human rights is outlined in our Modern Slavery Statement.


Our commitment to ethical governance

Governance enables iCIMS to administer our policies, processes, and guidance in a transparent, ethical, and fair manner that ensures our ESG program is effective. iCIMS’ materiality assessment highlights these continued efforts, and below are our primary areas of focus.

Global ethics & compliance

Responsible governance

  • Incorporate Board of Directors oversight and committee responsibilities
  • Support cross functional communication for policies and processes
  • Empower and welcome all employees across iCIMS to communicate issues or questions about policies and processes

Responsible & diverse supplier management

  • Implement our Supplier Code of Conduct
  • Evaluate suppliers in accordance with policies and processes
  • Ensure suppliers align with iCIMS standards and commitments

Privacy & security

  • Develop and publish updates to our Trust Center Portal with information regarding our privacy and information security programs
  • Incorporate a Privacy by Design framework into our product development lifecycle
  • Continue to evaluate and update privacy policies and processes to address changes in technology and regulations
  • Ensure our AI products and internal usage are compliant with data protection laws and are human led
  • Enhance our comprehensive global information security program
  • Continue to incorporate industry standards and best practices into our policies and processes