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Employers all over the world improve hiring efficiency and save money by using iCIMS for talent acquisition and internal mobility. Powered by insights from an independent study of our customers, the iCIMS value calculator estimates the potential business value you can achieve with the iCIMS Talent Cloud.

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How organizations benefit with the iCIMS Talent Cloud

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Increase hiring team productivity

Help boost your team’s productivity by eliminating redundant, low-impact tasks through process automation and increasing collaboration between recruiters and hiring managers.

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Increase hiring velocity

Use the iCIMS Talent Cloud to help find, hire, and onboard new employees faster with a combination of high- and low-touch experiences that engage candidates and move them through the recruiting process efficiently.

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Reduction in potential compliance errors

Our privacy program considers laws, regulations, and compliance requirements across the globe; used properly, iCIMS Talent Cloud can reduce reliance on legal counsel and risk of fines.

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Reduction of recruitment marketing and agency spend

Reduce your reliance on high job ad budgets and expensive third-party recruiting firms with efficient, modern talent acquisition solutions and detailed data analytics. 

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Reduction of talent technology spend

The iCIMS Talent Cloud offers global scale and a high degree of configurability which can reduce expenses associated with integrations, consultants, and ongoing IT and tech support. 

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iCIMS Value Calculator