Employing the right people is the most important part of any organization. That’s what makes recruiting challenging, and that’s why it deserves its own specialized HR software solutions. Let iCIMS give you the answers, and the agility, to move your business forward.

HR software solutions for all things recruitment


candidate engagement

Passive job candidates and a tight labor market mean your recruiting efforts - and your brand - need to stand out more than ever. Find out how iCIMS can help you engage across multiple touchpoints and elevate the candidate experience.

High Volume Recruiting

It’s simple math: More candidates mean more complexity. Find out how iCIMS can help you manage the challenges of finding, screening and hiring thousands of candidates quickly and at scale without losing any of the personalization a high-touch job market demands.

Reporting & Analytics

In today’s world, having the right numbers is as important as finding the right people. But whether you have too much data or too little, most companies struggle with gaining the right level of insight. iCIMS can deliver the metrics, reporting and clarity you need.

Seamless Integration

With changes in one area of the business impacting others, systems integration has never been more critical. If you’re looking for holistic insights into all your worlds – people, business and systems combined – iCIMS can help you seamlessly integrate them all.

Global Recruiting

When operating on a global scale, a literal world of complexity opens up. That’s why it’s important to partner with a solutions provider that supports global recruiting efforts in more than 200 countries and territories and has been doing so for nearly 20 years.


Multiple internal processes and systems can create inconsistencies that threaten compliance. At iCIMS, recruitment compliance is built into everything we do. We’ll help your HR, IT and compliance departments keep in step with the laws that govern.

Data Governance & Security

Maintaining clean data to protect the enterprise is paramount. Doing so requires a single source of truth. Find out how iCIMS ensures clean data and seamlessly integrated experiences to help you preserve data visibility, security and compliance.

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Talent Acquisition Leader
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Talent Acquisition Leader


HR Operations Leader

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Tame complexity with the right HR software

On any given day, you have changing workforce dynamics, regulations and compliance, as well as global scalability concerns to deal with. There are also issues around internal visibility and collaboration with the leadership team. How can you manage it all? With iCIMS’ enterprise recruiting software and solutions.

Transform your business with a modern HR technology platform

You’re tasked with leading HR transformation. A big part of the change comes by efficiently scaling processes and measuring effectiveness with the right reporting and analytics. iCIMS’ enterprise recruiting platform is the foundation you need to lead your business through its next phase of growth.

Get more support from the right recruiting software

Poor talent supply and inefficient technology can inhibit your ability to reach company goals. Then there’s the lack of resources and support you need to keep up with the pace of change and attract quality talent. The good news? iCIMS’ HR software and solutions can change all that.

Align with the industry’s leading enterprise recruitment software platform

It’s difficult aligning technology, budget and security requirements to hire and retain quality talent for the organization. Plus, you have your own hiring needs to consider in a competitive market for technical talent. Join the world's leading brands that trust iCIMS as their HR technology transformation partner.