Recruiting for diversity & inclusion

Our enterprise recruiting software offers advanced AI and other tools that support your diversity and inclusion initiatives across the entire talent continuum.

Build a better business

Diversity impacts your bottom line—studies show having a more diverse workforce results in a 35% increase in business performance. Use our best-in-class Talent Cloud solutions to accelerate your inclusive hiring process, reduce bias, and recruit the most qualified applicants based on their skillset, passion, and capacity to do the job.

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Drive diversity, equity, and inclusion

Grow your team efficiently with recruitment software that’s constantly learning. iCIMS’ Applicant Tracking System fosters unbiased hiring by:

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Leveraging automated matching and ranking that reduces subjectivity with Talent Discovery

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Lowering unintentional biases and automating the review of 100% of candidate profiles

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Matching applicants to posted jobs on a career site via Role Fit

Diverse and inclusive hiring

Use predictive indicators, suggestions, and analytics for identifying candidate soft skills, leadership traits, and desired attributes.

Your brand matters

A candidate’s first impression of your career site should inspire them, not exclude them. Attract diverse talent by showing candidates a place where they will feel included and where their contributions will have lasting impact.

iCIMS is well positioned to support organizations to become more efficient across the entire hiring lifecycle, enhance workforce planning, and bolster diversity and inclusion efforts. By casting a wider net, employers can surface candidates they may not have considered previously, which will support them in building a diverse workforce.



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