High-volume hiring

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Communicating collectively with large populations of potential employees

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Customizing messages with a personal, on-brand touch

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Building a pipeline of hires and talent pools to scale

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Handling employee onboarding, turnover, and retention

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Engaging large workforces with automated solutions

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Elevating the best candidates for the role automatically with AI

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Saving time with pre-screening questions combined with video interviewing

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Supporting global hiring with digital language assessments

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Expedite the hiring process

Reach the best talent wherever they are and get responses in real time with iCIMS’ Talent Cloud. Text thousands of applicants, handle more interactions with conversational AI, hold virtual career fairs, and manage in-person communications more efficiently with a single platform.

Deepen your talent pools

The iCIMS Talent Cloud can help you fill your talent pipeline with the best candidates and track all of them with ease. iCIMS’ unified recruitment platform improves sourcing, leverages automation that highlights the strongest matches, and helps you stay engaged with candidates throughout the entire talent journey.

Fast and flexible

Our partner network has developed a variety of plug-and-play integrations to help you recruit and hire candidates at scale. Developed to work directly within the iCIMS Talent Cloud, these extensions will accelerate the selection of the best candidates for the position and reduce the time of hiring.

A nurse recruiting candidates from her iPad using ICIMS' Talent Cloud software

iCIMS saved us days. Recruiters would talk to an applicant, then need to schedule interviews looking at calendars for the candidate, manager, and the rest of the interview participants. iCIMS saved us 3 days per candidate just in scheduling time.

Employment Services Manager

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Learn how iCIMS can help you drive ROI

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