Mergers and acquisitions, seasonal hiring spikes, e-commerce apps, direct-to-consumer brands. Retail is rapidly evolving. Whether you're brick and mortar, fully digital, or somewhere in-between, customer preferences and new ways of doing business are likely changing the composition of your workforce.

To keep up, employers are hiring more digital marketers and data analysts; roles not traditionally associated with retail. That's in addition to on-the-ground roles like salespeople and customer service reps. Employers need the flexibility to attract, hire, and retain all of the above.

That's why retailers have trusted iCIMS for 20 years to build their winning workforces in any business environment.

Here's what you're up against

Nearly half of retail job applications are abandoned

The vast majority of retailers struggle to find talent with the right experience

The turnover rate for part-time, hourly workers

Retailers use iCIMS to sell their candidates

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