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How a behavioral health organization saves time with automated reference checks.

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As hiring demand and the number of open positions increased, recruiters at this behavioral health organization spent more and more time completing reference checks and employment verifications. While their manual practices worked well enough in the past, the competitive labor market made this time-intensive effort unsustainable.

“The need within our industry has exploded – but our talent pool has not. For a lot of our centers, they’ve never had recruitment challenges like this before,” said Seaside Health’s talent acquisition manager.

The Seaside Healthcare approach

Seaside’s recruiters now use iCIMS SkillSurvey early in the hiring process to identify their top candidates and narrow their talent pool. They enter a candidate, select a survey and receive a detailed candidate feedback report — typically ready by the next business day.

As distributed teams that often worked in silos, the recruiters were thrilled to have a tool that automated manual processes and saved time.

“SkillSurvey automates 80% of the process,” said the organization’s talent acquisition manager.  “It helps our HR teams get references done in a timely manner without playing phone tag. But we also get more in-depth information that we would never receive on a phone call.”

Setting candidates up for success

iCIMS SkillSurvey also allows references to leave ratings and feedback on a candidate’s strengths and areas of improvement. Recruiters send this to hiring managers to flag potential concerns before they become a problem.

For example, recruiters find that the survey reveals areas where the candidate may have struggled in the past. With this insight up front, hiring managers can proactively address any issues and set appropriate expectations with the employee from the start.

As a bonus, as part of the survey, references can sign up to hear about future job opportunities with Seaside. Of those who opt in, 58% are later hired.

The biggest compliment we receive is how much time our HR teams save by not having to chase down references. iCIMS SkillSurvey takes everything that is cumbersome about the reference checking process out of it.

Talent acquisition manager, Seaside Healthcare


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