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Servier Saudi Arabia

How a global pharmaceutical company decreases time to hire with iCIMS Video Interview.

Servier is an international pharmaceutical company governed by a non-profit foundation, with its headquarters in France (Suresnes), with a strong international presence in 150 countries. Servier employs 22,000 people worldwide. To address its HR challenges – hire local talent and pursue their company-wide digitalization – Servier Saudi Arabia implemented  iCIMS Video Interview.

Servier Saudi Arabia is facing the Vision 2030 challenge of the country to decrease the unemployment rate. To achieve this, companies are localizing talent and pharmaceutical professions (medical representative, medical affair officer, etc.) as a target. Servier is looking to hire the best graduates and intermediate-level talent as well as boost the company’s talent development program to lead this transformation successfully with the next generation of pharmaceutical professionals.


month maximum to collect all the CVs and proceed with the hiring process


days record to hire someone

The on-demand video to pre-screen more efficiently

Servier’s approach

Servier chose the iCIMS Video Interview solution with the on-demand video interview, to roll out their new hiring campaigns. The tool is accessible to the HR manager, 1 sales representative, 6 district managers and the Operations Director GCC.

Find the best talent faster, better employer brand and team cohesion

iCIMS Video Interview has greatly decreased Servier’s time-to-hire. It used to take the HR team months to hire for a given position. Today, as they give candidates five days to record their interviews, the time to collect all interviews is usually maximum a month. As soon as the shortlisted candidates are invited to face-to-face (mostly remote) interviews, the process can take less than a week. The record is three days to hire someone. This now allows them to fully reach targets.

Boosting the employer brand and becoming a best place to work

Servier is competing in Saudi Arabia’s talent war. The objective is to be the most attractive company to hire talent other pharmaceutical companies are also looking for. Integrating the on-demand video interview to their hiring process has helped improve the company’s employer branding by providing a seamless experience to their candidates. They plan to get more out of iCIMS Video Interview solutions for the near future and capitalize on the use of videos to communicate on their internal culture.

Getting the entire company on-board and involved with the recruitment process

The company’s HR Manager at was pleased to receive positive feedback from both candidates and management. Candidates appreciate the new experience and managers benefit from the hiring of more qualitative profiles on their teams. Employees also enjoy a safe process, 100% remote, that fits health measures.

What’s next? Servier is thinking of other ways to use the on-demand video and in particular for their talent development program: the pre-recorded interview can be a way to assess employees internally, map skills and build training plans.

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