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How iCIMS streamlined and sped up the distributor’s hiring process — and supported mass hiring along the way.

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Master Electronics discovered the power of a unified talent system when it implemented iCIMS. The company streamlined its hiring process, which saved recruiters time and supported mass hiring in its distribution center, which grew by 150% during the pandemic.

The Master Electronics approach

When the pandemic arrived in 2020, Master Electronics was in a tight spot. Business was booming for the global distributor of electronic components, but it lacked the workers it needed to meet demand. To solve this problem, Master Electronics examined its recruiting process, which involved more than 10 systems and created lots of manual labor for recruiters.

Master Electronics decided to swap its disparate systems for an all-in-one approach to recruiting through iCIMS. The switch saved the company time and money while helping it capture more candidates — an essential step to hire at scale.

“iCIMS helped us with doing more with less by realizing the potential of what one system could do for us,” said the director of business enablement at Master Electronics. “For the longest time, we believed we had to use all of these different disparate systems to get the one task done. But iCIMS helped us realize that we could do all the things we were doing in these separate systems in one.”


Effective candidate communication

With iCIMS Text Engagement, Master Electronics recruiters spent less time on candidate communication but got in touch with more applicants. Following up with job fair attendees once required recruiters to copy and paste the same message to each job seeker. Text Engagement made recruiters’ jobs “10 times easier” by batching and automating the messages.

This streamlined communication sped up candidate response time, as well. Master Electronics used to wait upwards of a week to hear back from candidates, who rarely responded to phone calls and emails. Job seekers now text back within 24 hours.

Smartphones make another appearance in the recruiting flow: Master Electronics nudges career fair attendees to apply on-site with a QR code. Attendees can fill out their applications on their phones while waiting for a tour of the warehouse — the application takes fewer than three minutes to complete.


From my colleagues to the executive team, everyone is much happier to have one system that they’re working out of instead of multiple.

Director of business enablement, Master Electronics

With iCIMS, Master Electronics: 

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Cut back candidate response time from a week to 24 hours

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Engages and hires more candidates via Text Engagement

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Saves recruiters time with a streamlined, automated hiring process

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