How a Midwestern healthcare system achieved a 27% application conversion rate, powered by iCIMS.

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Since 2015, Mercy’s move to iCIMS has made the healthcare giant’s recruiting efforts more efficient and sustainable. Starting with iCIMS Applicant Tracking, Mercy’s team added more iCIMS products, including Career Sites, Candidate Relationship Management and Opportunity Marketplace.


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The Mercy approach

Paul Kinsey, Executive Director of Talent Selection Innovation at Mercy, was present during the initial search for an ATS nearly a decade ago.

“We had some issues with candidates applying from a mobile device, so that was a big priority of ours when looking at a new ATS,” Kinsey said.

“We were continuing to get larger as an organization and felt like we were in a box where ‘this is the process’ from a system perspective. It couldn’t move at the speed we wanted it to, and I think being able to iterate to where it’s now a click of a button within the ATS has helped our team,” he continued.

Plans for the future

With over 6,000 open requisitions, Kinsey and the Mercy team redefined their hiring strategy and added iCIMS Opportunity Marketplace to their recruiting platform. Before, employees were on their own when looking for internal career opportunities. Opportunity Marketplace has enabled Mercy’s team to proactively engage internal talent, help employees develop new skills and shift recruiting for travel nurses in-house.

“It saves us from a cost perspective to recruit directly, versus going through agencies,” Kinsey said. “RNs can pick the hospital that they want and how many hours. Previously, we used to have it where someone wanted to work four hours, and we had to say, ‘Sorry, we only have 12-hour shifts.’ But we found that offering four hour shifts lets people work when they want to, and that’s helped us attract more candidates.”

With over 1 million visits to their internal and external career sites, Mercy Health achieves a 27% application conversion rate.

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The financial impact of building relationships

Kinsey also credited the addition of iCIMS CRM as a more advantageous way to build better relationships with external candidates. The Mercy team found that using the iCIMS Indeed Quick Apply integration outperformed sponsored postings.

“Quick Apply feeds into our CRM and helps us reengage candidates, versus us managing everything out of our email inboxes when a candidate doesn’t respond. We used to be onto the next candidate at that point, but now we’re able to warm up those candidates. Adding on the CRM helped us shift from manual outreach to organized campaigns,” Kinsey said.

With an average of 25,000 candidates per month, Kinsey and his team review a requested offer within 24 hours, and the median time for apply to hire is 11 days, down from 13 days two years prior.

“The ability to utilize the quick apply function, bring candidates in, and not lose some has made a financial impact,” Kinsey said.

Adding on the CRM helped us shift from manual outreach to organized campaigns.

Paul Kinsey

Executive Director of Talent Selection Innovation, Mercy

Making a workplace that works

Key to Mercy’s success has been the ongoing education their team receives from iCIMS about how to optimize their recruiting processes and adapt to healthcare hiring trends. For example, Mercy’s team now offers candidates more flexible working arrangements.

“People these days want work to work for them,” he said. “The reality is that people want more decision on when and how they work. That’s where we are as a culture. If we can provide more opportunities for someone who might have children and can’t work certain hours, but they can work four hours at night because their spouse is home, it helps all the way around.”

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