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How the second-largest healthcare system in the U.S. uses iCIMS to improve candidates’ experience and reduce recruiters’ workload.

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Staffing the second-largest healthcare system in the U.S. is like staffing a miniature city. You might assume CommonSpirit Health is busy hiring doctors and nurses. And while those positions dominate the company’s hiring needs, it has many other seats to fill. It’s always looking for housekeepers, cooks, phlebotomists and pharmacists in addition to professionals in IT, marketing and finance.

To access the wide range of talent it needs, CommonSpirit chose iCIMS. By using products like iCIMS Text Engagement and Video Studio, the health system has improved its candidate experience and lightened its recruiters’ workload.

The CommonSpirit Health approach

CommonSpirit partnered with iCIMS in 2017 because it wanted a platform that offered an ATS and a CRM. “When we saw those two highways intersect, it was a no-brainer for us,” said CommonSpirit’s VP of candidate experience.

When CommonSpirit grew from 42 hospitals to 142 hospitals in 2019 through a merger between Catholic Health Initatives and Dignity Health, the company used iCIMS to scale its recruiting operations. It changed its workflow, its application process and its career portal to engage more job seekers.

CommonSpirit doctor encourages young patient to flex his arms

Creating a great candidate experience

As it grew, CommonSpirit used Video Studio and Text Engagement to improve its candidate experience. With Video Studio, CommonSpirit amplifies employee voices to tell its story across its career site, in job descriptions and on social media. The tool shows job seekers why current employees take pride in their work and their company.

With Text Engagement, CommonSpirit made it easy for candidates to schedule interviews and onboarding appointments. Text engagement also eased recruiters’ workloads. Where scheduling once meant multiple emails or phone calls, recruiters now take care of the task over text. “Texting has allowed us to really expedite that process,” said CommonSpirit’s VP of candidate experience. “It’s just more efficient.”


iCIMS has really helped us improve the candidate experience. We've got our application process down to three to five minutes.

VP of candidate experience, CommonSpirit Health

With iCIMS, CommonSpirit Health:

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Offers candidates an application process that takes only a few minutes

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Frees up recruiters’ time by simplifying tasks like scheduling

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Amplifies employee voices across its career site, job descriptions and social channels with Video Studio

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