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How a fast-paced SaaS company uses the iCIMS Talent Cloud to listen to what candidates have to say.

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With the company’s fast-paced work environment, Medallia’s TA team often found itself reacting to situations rather than being proactive at avoiding them. To turn that around, it began gathering candidate feedback to provide real-time analysis and response to become proactive rather than reactive. 

Medallia's approach

Medallia uses the iCIMS Talent Cloud to harness real-time reporting and feedback analysis to improve its relationships and optimize processes across the business. For instance, to improve candidate experience, the company surveys talent following three key moments throughout the hiring process: the recruiter screen, the hiring manager screen, and after the candidate accepts or declines the offer.

“We prioritize delivering incredible candidate experiences over and above everything else,” said Medallia’s VP People Operations & Tech. Through its candidate surveys and real-time feedback, Medallia learned that the manual process it used to extend offers was inefficient and was taking too long to go from verbal to written offers.

Medallia now uses iCIMS Offer Management to accelerate its hiring process and create a more positive candidate experience. Streamlining the offer process also helps Medallia scale tactical activities and focus on its strategic and experience work. 

The team plans to automate offer templates by country so it can create letters faster and more efficiently than the current manual process. With iCIMS Offer Management, Medallia can reduce the time spent on internal back and forth and help keep candidates updated on where they are in the hiring journey. 

“When you’re going through the hiring process and getting ready to sign your offer, you’re kind of on a high,” said Medallia’s VP People Operations & Tech. “You’re ready to seal the deal, and we don’t want to erode that experience at all.” 

With the iCIMS Talent Cloud, Medallia can deliver on its goal of creating a human-centric candidate journey that focuses on making a candidate feel confident and set up for success during the process.

The iCIMS Talent Cloud helps us prioritize delivering incredible candidate experiences over and above everything else.

VP People Operations & Tech, Medallia

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