When this Microsoft service provider partnered with iCIMS, it gained so much efficiency it was able to bring its India-based recruiting team in-house.

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Prior to working with iCIMS, Velosio recruiters spent a lot of time in Excel. Recruiters at the Microsoft service provider tracked the company’s open positions in spreadsheets, a process that created too much manual labor — and too much room for error. Because recruiters were tied up with Excel, they had less time for their most important job: winning over talent with a rare, specific skill set.

The Velosio approach

Velosio needed to free up recruiters to create a world-class candidate experience that attracted more talent. iCIMS was the answer. “When I say that iCIMS has allowed us to be more efficient and effective, it’s the truth,” said the director of global talent acquisition at Velosio.

iCIMS alleviated the administrative burden of manual data entry, giving recruiters more time to win over candidates. Recruiters’ extra bandwidth translated to improved TA metrics. Velosio saw a 38% increase in hires year-over-year, a 33% decrease in time-to-fill and a 4% increase in accepted offers — which pushed the company’s acceptance rate to nearly 100%.


We use Text Engagement to provide that world-class candidate experience. When candidates reach a new step in the process, they get automated text updates so they're not left in the dark.

Director of global talent acquisition, Velosio

Enhancing the candidate experience

When candidates come to Velosio’s career site, they don’t just get the details of a job opportunity. Through iCIMS Career Sites, job seekers are immersed in Velosio’s company culture and employer branding — an instructive experience that helps candidates determine whether they align with Velosio’s values.

Once a job seeker shows interest, Velosio uses iCIMS Text Engagement to communicate quickly and transparently. As candidates move through the application process, they receive personalized texts that keep them updated in a way that feels authentic. Meanwhile, recruiters stay free from busy work — all the texts are automated.


Unifying the Velosio talent team

Before Velosio implemented iCIMS, it used a recruiting vendor to staff its India-based operations. “When we brought in iCIMS, it allowed us to have technology in India and in the U.S. that spoke to one another,” said the director of global talent acquisition at Velosio. “It allowed us to eliminate the need for that external vendor.”


The iCIMS platform provides a seamless, easy process for candidates. And on the backend, recruiters have their dashboards so they can make data-driven decisions.

Director of global talent acquisition, Velosio

With iCIMS, Velosio: 

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Opened an in-house TA team in India

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Created a “world-class” candidate experience

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Eliminated a spreadsheet-based reporting system


increase in hires made


decrease in time-to-fill


increase in accepted offers

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