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PSA Airlines

How an airline staffs more than 550 daily flights to 90 locations by creating a frictionless candidate experience


Dayton, Ohio
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$1.5 billion
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When the travel industry screeched to a halt in 2020, airlines were faced with the difficult task of rightsizing their operations. PSA Airlines furloughed a significant portion of its workforce, mostly pilots and flight attendants. When 20% of those crew members chose not to return following a recall, the regional airline was forced to compete with major carriers to fill those spots.

The PSA Airlines approach 

PSA talent leaders explored creative ways to get in front of the competition by leveraging data and insights from their ATS dashboard. This data helps the team identify hard-to-fill roles based on time to fill and where top candidates for those positions originate.

Female employees of PSA Airlines stand in front of a plane in a hanger
PSA Airlines flight attendant speaks into the phone

How PSA reached more candidates faster

PSA uses iCIMS Indeed Apply integration to get in front of candidates faster. The integration helped more than double the number of flight attendants in hiring classes, which increased from an average of 40 new hires to 100.

Through the Indeed integration, PSA once received 10,000 applications in two months. “That was amazing, but we needed to be able to process applications and interview candidates as quickly as possible,” said the director of talent management at PSA Airlines.

PSA implemented Video Interviews to accelerate the application timeline. The change allowed them to drop inefficient phone screens and put the airline in touch with applicants within 72 hours. It also made applying quicker for candidates: By wrapping all its pre-screening into iCIMS Video Interviews, application time dropped from 22 minutes to 7 minutes or fewer.

Filling high turnover positions was all about understanding what our candidates had to go through when applying for a job with us. Making the application process easier allows us to stay competitive.

Director of Talent Management, PSA Airlines

When PSA added iCIMS Text Engagement to its toolbox, its time-to-fill shrank by four days. “That’s a big deal,” said the director of talent management at PSA Airlines. “In today’s market, four days means someone is going to start with me instead of starting with another company.”

Text Engagement also allows PSA to connect with candidates who are not responding to recruiters. They found that when a text is sent within 24 hours of the completion of the application, candidates are more likely to follow through with a phone screen or an interview than if recruiters were to call them.

PSA Airlines pilot mans the controls

With iCIMS, PSA Airlines: 

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Drastically cut its flight attendant application from 22 mins to less than 10 mins

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More than doubled the number of flight attendants in its hiring classes

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Shaved background screening from a high of 25 days to just 10 days

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Cut time to fill by four days

iCIMS is a partner that stops, listens and understands what our challenges are to help us expand on what we have.

Director of Talent Management, PSA Airlines

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