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Corizon Health

How a correctional facility healthcare leader leverages the iCIMS Talent Cloud to streamline operations and increase recruiter efficiency.

Brentwood, TN
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As a leader in the correctional facility healthcare space, Corizon Health faces many of the same obstacles as traditional healthcare systems, with the exception that their patients are incarcerated.

Corizon understands that for some, the job location is less appealing than a hospital or outpatient clinic. Attrition in the industry is high, and Corizon competes for nurses and physicians with other correctional facilities and hospitals. It takes a certain type of candidate—and that’s why Corizon’s team looks for talent who are a good fit and will stick around long term.


Corizon Health's approach

Prior to partnering with iCIMS, Corizon used the recruiting solutions provided by its HRIS. Corizon’s team felt the “recruiter and candidate experience was lacking,” precipitating the need for a new and more capable applicant tracking system.

Partnering with iCIMS gave Corizon’s team flexibility as the company takes on contracts for new locations. Its 4,000+ employees are currently spread across 125 contracted facilities in 14 states.

Corizon Health onboarding application

With iCIMS, Corizon Health can:

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Text candidates with information about upcoming interviews, follow ups on unanswered emails, and reminders of new hire onboarding tasks

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Streamline and secure their offer management process, utilizing advanced privacy settings to help protect candidates’ identities

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Easily onboard new hires by role and location with robust onboarding software and seamlessly transfer data to Corizon’s HRIS system, Ultipro

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Decrease time to hire by keeping job seekers engaged with iCIMS Candidate Relationship Management

With today's integrations, there's no reason to use a system that doesn't focus on recruitment. HRIS vendors aren't investing in the space, they're not focused on recruiters or hiring managers. iCIMS puts us first.

Manager of Talent Acquisition, Corizon Health

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