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Hospital Sisters Health System

How a health system transforms its hiring with employee videos

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No one needs to tell the TA team at Hospital Sisters Health System (HSHS) that competition for healthcare workers — and nurses in particular — is fierce. Filling critical roles has been a challenge for healthcare organizations worldwide over the last two years. The team at this multi-institutional healthcare system, with facilities in Illinois and Wisconsin, knew they needed to stand out from the pack.

“We had to figure out how to set ourselves apart from our competitors,” said HSHS’s TA System Director about the organization, which has nearly 2,300 physician partners and more than 13,000 colleagues.

But the organization’s career pages were bare bones, providing only basic information about its 15 hospitals and scores of community-based health centers and clinics. There was no engaging content to draw candidates in and keep them on the page. “It was just a lot of white space,” the TA System Director said.

In the past, the TA team went to great lengths to hire an outside team to create highly produced videos, but that was expensive, time-consuming and often required additional post-editing when employees highlighted in the videos left the organization.

“We’d budget a significant amount of money to have a local videographer create beautiful testimonials of our colleagues set to music. But if those colleagues changed roles or left the organization, we could no longer use the videos,” the TA System Director said.

HSHS corporate building
HSHS doctors

HSHS's approach

The first step was to update HSHS’s career pages and populate the new landing pages with engaging content, making it easier for job seekers to navigate and providing a better understanding of HSHS’s organizational values and job opportunities. Knowing those job seekers engaged most with video content, the TA team implemented iCIMS Video Studio to share quick testimonials on the new career pages. “We worked with the iCIMS team to improve our branding on our new career site, using our colors and colleague photos,” the TA System Director said.

HSHS's approach

HSHS is working on an internal mobility website to spotlight videos of colleagues sharing how they advanced through the organization. “We really want to show them how they can grow here and outline different career paths.”

Implementing a chatbot using iCIMS Digital Assistant has been another addition to the career pages to help candidates quickly get answers to basic questions, reducing friction and freeing up recruiters’ time. “Like most people, candidates don’t like having to call, and it’s so much easier to just text and get an answer.”

HSHS brick exterior of hospital
HSHS doctor in scrubs

Powerful results

HSHS recruiters use iCIMS Video Studio to send personalized videos to new hires asking them to participate in the organization’s referral program, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. “Candidates develop such an affinity for their recruiters throughout the hiring process, but often, everything is done over the phone. So, to finally see the recruiter can be really exciting, and we’ve gotten fantastic feedback,” said HSHS’s TA System Director.

Since launching the iCIMS Career Site, HSHS has seen a 7% uptick in unique visits over six months. During that same time, the application completion rate increased by 5%, and searches and queries have also trended upward.

Campus recruiters report that students are responding to early career employees talking about the transition from college to their new roles, helping students envision their own journeys. “They think, ‘Hey, that person was in my shoes just one year ago, and they really like working there,’” the TA System Director said. “That really helps them see that they might like working for HSHS, too.”

With iCIMS, HSHS can:

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Produces custom-branded video content without the high cost of a production studio

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Uses a chatbot to quickly answer candidate questions and free up recruiters’ time

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Boosts unique visits to its career page implementation

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Increases its application completion rate

iCIMS Video Studio testimonials really help early career candidates see that they might like working for HSHS.

TA System Director, HSHS

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