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How an institution with 22,000 applicants year-over-year drove 100,000 applications in 15 months.

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Suncoast Credit Union was once a one-man operation, back when it first opened its doors in 1934. Today, it employs nearly 2,500 people, from branch employees and online tellers to project managers and scrum masters.

Recruiting and hiring for this vast spectrum of roles used to challenge Suncoast. Just a couple of years ago, the credit union would field only two to three applications in the week after posting a new role. The company’s time-to-fill rates slowed, which frustrated hiring managers and burdened employees.

The Suncoast approach

When Suncoast launched with iCIMS in 2022, it set a goal of attracting 32,000 applicants that year. “We thought that would be a tremendous success for us,” said Suncoast’s director of talent acquisition. “We were wrong. We weren’t even close. By December of 2022, we had over 78,000 applications.”

Fast forward a few months, and Suncoast broke 100,000 applications. “What would usually take us probably five years, we did in 15 months,” said Suncoast’s director of talent acquisition.

As Suncoast’s applicant pool grew, its time to fill shrank. Before implementing iCIMS, Suncoast’s time to fill was at 23 days. Now, it’s down to 18 days, alleviating frustration among hiring managers and easing the burden on busy employees.

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Exceeding hiring goals with Text Engagement

Suncoast uses Text Engagement to drum up interest among job seekers before hiring events. When in a new market, it sent more than 2,000 text messages to prime potential applicants. Other businesses at the job fair signed two or three employees. Suncoast signed 27 — a win that helped the company surpass its quarterly hiring goal by 119%.

“We were able to hire at levels we never expected,” said Suncoast’s director of talent acquisition. “Our C-suite and leaders were all simply amazed.”


How iCIMS analytics reveals DEI details

Suncoast has long been committed to diversity, but iCIMS analytics showed the organization not only where it could improve, but how it could drive those changes. Analytics showed, for instance, the racial breakdown of candidates who are interviewed and candidates who are hired.

“These are details I never knew before. We also know how to plan, how to adopt, how to grow, how to change, and how to create a pipeline of talent that is very diverse,” said Suncoast’s director of talent acquisition. “And that pipeline is not just diverse, but it’s full of people who will help us succeed as an organization.”


If you are a person who loves analytics, numbers and digging into data, iCIMS offers so much for you and your organization.

Director of talent acquisition, Suncoast

With iCIMS, Suncoast:

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Surpassed its yearly applicant goal by more than 45,000 applications

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Reduced time to fill from 23 days to 18 days

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Revealed previously unknown demographic hiring data


reduction in time to fill


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