How a leading tech player in the UAE uses the iCIMS Talent Cloud to cut time to close a candidate by 50%.

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G42 is the leading tech player in the UAE, working on high-level projects as a trusted government partner and beyond. In just 6 years, the team has grown to 23,000 employees with multiple mergers, acquisitions and IPOs on the books. G42 is on a journey to invent visionary artificial intelligence for a better every day – and it needed a TA tech solution to help build its winning workforce.

The G42 approach

Building an infrastructure solution as sophisticated as cloud computing requires the highest-quality tech talent.

For G42, this means sourcing talent from across the globe. Finding and recruiting candidates at a global level is no easy feat. G42 needed a solution to help scale the business and build its winning workforce while streamlining systems for recruiters.

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Streamlining the recruiting process with automation

Prior to iCIMS, the recruiting team at G42 used administrative processes to track its entire talent acquisition model. With iCIMS ATS, the team undertook a digitization project to automate processes and integrate its data into a streamlined platform.

G42 now uses action blockers to prequalify candidates. This allows the recruiting team to meticulously navigate candidates through the talent journey and cuts down on manual admin time qualifying candidates.

Streamlining operations in one platform allows G42 to better understand its candidates’ digital footprint and improve its talent acquisition model for both recruiters and candidates.

Video interviews and offer management

The recruiting team at G42 is maximizing its use of iCIMS’ video capabilities to interview and share information with candidates.

During the online interview process, candidates follow five video chapters with information on the company’s offering process, such as situational packages and benefits for relocating to a foreign country. At the end of each chapter, candidates can share their preferences, such as availability, relocation and visa considerations, as well as ask questions for the recruiting team.

When the time comes to discuss the final offer, both the candidate and recruiter have all the information they need.

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The results

Prior to iCIMS, it took recruiters anywhere from a 30-minute to 2-hour phone conversation post-interview to sign a candidate. iCIMS’ video interviewing capabilities has removed all generic conversations for recruiters while extracting the necessary information from candidates. With iCIMS, G42 has cut the time to close a candidate by 50%.

On day 1 of using iCIMS, the G42 team migrated tens of thousands of candidates to iCIMS ATS. The team now has an ever-growing database of over 200,000 candidates.

With iCIMS, processes have become faster, there’s less human error, and there is much less repetition in tasks. I cannot stress enough how effective our digital process infrastructure has been since using iCIMS Talent Cloud.

Talent Acquisition Partner, G42

With iCIMS, G42:

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Cut time to close a candidate by 50%

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Built a database of 200,000 candidates

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Streamlined processes in an integrated hiring platform

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