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AHRC Nassau

How a charitable organization uses text recruiting to cut ghosting by 30%

Brookville, NY
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A chapter of The Arc New York, AHRC Nassua had yet to embrace modern technology and still used many manual processes. As a result, the organization – which supports over 2,200 people with intellectual and developmental disabilities throughout Nassau County – struggled to attract candidates, especially candidates from diverse backgrounds.

AHRC runs many facilities like schools, health clinics and even a farm, to help meet the community’s evolving needs. To keep its many programs humming, the organization employs more than 3,500 people, many of whom require specialized training. With over 500 positions open at any given time, its talent team needed a 21st-century tech stack to meet demand.

AHRC Nassau’s approach

AHRC adopted a best-in-class ATS as its first step toward modernizing time-consuming processes. The iCIMS ATS helped the team speed up hiring processes to stay competitive in a fast-paced market.

Using the drop-down menu on the ATS dashboard, candidates can indicate how they were referred to the organization, such as by an LGBTQIA+ career fair. Candidates can also self-identify, which gives the TA team insight into how and where they can source the most diverse pool of candidates to advance DEI initiatives.

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Adopting iCIMS Text Engagement for pre-interview screening has helped the team hire faster. Instead of making individual phone calls, AHRC team members can send out a blast to 100 people with the click of a button. This simplifies a process that used to require a couple of hours of recruiters’ time and often resulted in only one or two booked interviews. “That’s been a really big time-saver,” said AHRC’s senior TA specialist.

Powerful results

Thanks to AHRC’s new set of modern HR tools, its TA team has hired more than 800 clinical and nonclinical employees in a challenging labor market. iCIMS ATS has helped the TA team increase hires of candidates of color by 15% and hires of candidates with disabilities by 5%.

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With iCIMS Talent Cloud, AHRC Nassau:

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Hires more than 800 clinical and non-clinical employees in a challenging labor market

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Decreases candidate ghosting rate by 30%

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Simplifies processes to free up recruiters’ time

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Advances its DEI initiatives

No one wants to talk on the phone, regardless of the position being pursued. Whether the candidate is a nurse or a janitor, the ghosting rate decreases, on average, by 30% when we communicate by text instead.

Director of HR, AHRC Nassau

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