Gain strength in numbers with the right recruiting analytics

Thanks to technology, recruiting has become as much about numbers and metrics as it is about people. While some enterprises have little or no data, most have far too much, the bulk of which is inconsistently reported across disparate systems. In either case, it translates into a serious problem: a lack of insight and visibility into job candidates, processes and performance.

Because you can’t improve what you can’t measure, having the right recruiting metrics and recruitment reporting is crucial. iCIMS delivers more of both, more clearly, with its ready-made recruiting dashboards. Powerful reporting and 360-degree visibility allow you to turn numbers into knowledge. It’s better recruiting for better and smarter hires.

“As a result of iCIMS functionality, we've created a better partnership with our hiring managers by providing them with detailed reports on open positions/candidate statuses, as well as allowing them to view their requisition activity.”
How do you measure recruiting?
Marie Artim, Enterprise Holdings
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