global recruiting

Manage complexity with our global recruiting software and expertise

The challenges of hiring in one locale are complicated enough. When operating on a global scale, a literal world of increased complexity opens up. It impacts everything from performance and scalability, to data privacy and security, to technology and compliance. Leading brands know that partnering with experts who understand these territories can help reduce the complexity better and faster than they could on their own.

iCIMS supports global recruiting efforts across more than 200 countries and territories. We do it with our best-in-class global recruiting software and nearly 20 years of teaming with international brands. Additionally, we work with tier 1 consultants in areas such as global compliance, change management and HR transformation. Through them, you can leverage the expert global recruiting strategies your brand needs to take on the world.

“iCIMS has helped our business in the US and internationally by allowing us to have the flexibility to offer solutions in the marketplace that not only function in compliance with local laws, but also give us the ability to provide global reporting and to be compliant where we need standardization."