How to Make a Strong Candidate Experience Your Differentiator

Jess Woloszyn
February 4, 2020
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Key Points:

  • Employers can combat competition for talent through strong candidate relationship management
  • Candidate interactions that reflect your unique culture attract qualified talent
  • Specialized talent acquisition solutions support innovative strategies at every stage

Employers need similar skillsets from the same talent pools to advance operations. HR leaders should feel empowered that the people they hire now have the power to impact their business for years to come but filling critical roles in one of the tightest labor markets to date remains a challenge.

So how do you combat the growing competition and shrinking pool of job seekers? Learn how to turn candidate experience into your competitive advantage this year with 6 tangible ways to differentiate yourself.Candidate relationship management software can offer entirely electronic and automated processes.

How to Make Candidate Experience Your Differentiator at Every Stage

You can’t control the economy, but you can control the authenticity of your candidate interactions.

  1. First impression: It’s no secret that even the most loyal employees may have new employment opportunities on their radar. Hook those passive job seekers with memorable and genuine outreach through candidate relationship management that builds enthusiasm with your company.
  2. Job search: When visitors arrive on your career site to see what you’re all about, pleasantly surprise them with an easy option to opt for job updates for the future or find relevant job matches to apply to now.
  3. Application: Whether job seekers rely solely on their phone or can only find time to complete applications outside of business hours, embrace that with a mobile apply option that supports resume upload in various formats and chatbot assistance to ease any roadblocks that otherwise cause drop-off.
  4. Communication: Candidates constantly check for updates from employers, so be a constant in their inbox with thoughtful text communication about updates to remind them their time is valued.
  5. The offer: As soon as you confidently select a candidate, seal the deal with an entirely electronic and automated process that creates a positive welcome to your organization.
  6. Before day one: Boost productivity before day one through an interactive online portal customized by role to build excitement for their new career.

3 Things to Remember

A candidate’s journey is more complex than just your hiring process

Talented individuals may be at different stages of multiple hiring processes while you engage them. You never know which interaction will win them over, so view them all as equally critical.

Standing out is simpler than you may think

Candidates are human. They remember connections and how you make them feel, so bring your authenticity forward.

You don’t have to do it all alone

Modern recruitment technology supports recruiters by optimizing time-consuming tasks that previously kept them from building relationships. For any goal associated with building your unique candidate experience, there are various specialized solutions that make it easier.

So, will you be the breath of fresh air to the talent you need the most? You know your company is something special, it’s about the way you show job seekers that too.

Discover products and services that enhance your 2020 talent acquisition strategy while working hand-in-hand with a strong hiring foundation.


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