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How to enhance hiring with AI and empower your people

February 5, 2024
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Using artificial intelligence in recruiting is no longer a ‘nice-to-have’. Candidates expect fast, personalized experiences where job matches, communication and interviews feel more like interactions with their Amazon account.

If your organization isn’t using artificial intelligence to enhance the hiring process, you might not have as much time as you think to catch up to your competitors. Technology is advancing at an incredible rate. The AI tools that feel “revolutionary” today will be mainstream tomorrow. To stay competitive, you must incorporate AI into your hiring process.

To help you get started, here are three areas where AI can positively impact talent acquisition as a complement to your existing workforce. This will help you stay on par with your competitors while continuing to leverage your greatest asset: your people.


1. Cast a wider net for applicants

AI-powered recruiting tools are designed to be objective — something humans have a hard time doing. Rather than going off “gut instinct” when deciding who might be a good fit for a job, artificial intelligence uses a data-driven and formulaic approach to screen candidates. By looking solely at the skills and experience that impact job performance, AI can generate a larger pool of talent and increase the likelihood that candidates from diverse backgrounds will make it through the screening process.

Look for AI-powered tools that can:

  • Match candidates to best-fit job postings based on their resume data, career site search data and chatbot interactions
  • Redact identifying information on a resume
  • Engage job seekers in their native language and time zone

What do humans bring to the table? Empathy and understanding. Recruiters can focus less on deciding who is qualified for the job and more on who is the best fit overall.


2. Use AI to work more efficiently

Productivity and efficiency are high priorities for HR leaders in 2024. AI supports these objectives by automating repetitive and time-consuming tasks. You can almost think of AI as an intern. i.e., What activities would you have an intern do to help full-time employees focus on more strategic work?

Some examples include:

  • Answer FAQs from job seekers and employees
  • Schedule interviews
  • Create a quick list of job-specific interview questions

Using AI does not mean you have to replace employees. While it might automate some aspects of existing roles, you will still need people to run the tools. With their newfound free time, employees can focus on measuring the effectiveness of AI solutions, learning new skills or redefining their current role to become more strategic.


3. Analyze data and make predictions

Your hiring platform stores a ton of data. But these numbers are only useful if you can access them and have the means to interpret them. This is where artificial intelligence really shines: analyzing large amounts of data quickly and recommending next steps.

Look for AI-powered tools that can:

  • Predict the likelihood of turnover for a candidate based on data gained from automated reference checks
  • Retain employees by recommending internal roles based on their skills and experience
  • Recommend candidate profiles to recruiters based on how well their skills and experience match open jobs
  • Give clear descriptions of recommendation logic

Humans should still be the ultimate decision-makers and can use these AI-powered recommendations to influence organization-wide policy, processes and objectives. As Andreea Wade, VP of Product Strategy at iCIMS, told HR Executive, “AI should be used as a productivity aid to get better-quality starting points. All decisions should begin and end with human decision points.”


Get started with AI for recruiting

As an HR or talent acquisition professional, you have a responsibility to protect your company’s employees. Artificial intelligence should be used as a complement to your workforce, not replace it. Take a deeper look at how AI impacts your workforce in our on-demand webinar, Navigating the Hidden Challenges of GenAI in TA.

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