Leverage the Power of Mobile Engagement and AI in Talent Acquisition

TextRecruit is a mobile engagement platform for candidates. Using text message, live chat, AI and natural language processing, it helps your recruiting team hire talent faster. It also makes your brand available 24/7, connecting it to applicants in the most modern of ways, when and how they want.

Put the future of AI in talent acquisition to work for you now

Reduce Repetitive Tasks

Predictive analytics and AI in talent acquisition undertake repetitive, time-consuming activities, reducing administrative tasks, enhancing efficiency and narrowing the talent pipeline to highlight better talent.

Make Smarter Hiring Decisions Using Predictive Analytics

Soon, iCIMS will utilize machine learning to pull predictive analytics from recruiting data. This will help talent acquisition teams optimize hiring strategies, determine the best sources of talent and develop job advertisements catered to finding the perfect candidate.

Automate Communication

Using recruitment chatbots, easily automate communication, from establishing initial connections with job seekers to scheduling interviews and helping onboard new hires.

Save Time Scheduling Interviews

Send candidates a link to schedule time directly on your calendar, eliminating the back and forth of scheduling a meeting at a time that works for all parties. Links can be sent on a one-to-one basis, as a part of a campaign or scaled for high volume recruiting.

Integrate Programmatic Advertising

iCIMS supports integrated programmatic advertising through partnerships with Recruitics, Appcast, TMP, and others. Our roadmap includes AI-enhanced programmatic advertising capabilities, including contextual analytics and machine learning­ based recommendations in areas such as job title, compensation and more.

Use mobile engagement to create a world-class candidate experience

Simplify the Mobile Application Process with TextApply

Attract job seekers when they shop in your store, eat at your restaurant, walk past your career fair booth or see your tweets. TextApply allows candidates to text a short number and keyword to kickstart their application process and fill your pipeline on the go.

Chat with Candidates Using a Customizable Chatbot

Communicate with candidates 24/7 by enabling job seekers to text or chat online in order to apply to your career openings anywhere, any time. Use our friendly recruiting chatbot, Ari, or embed your personalized JobChat link to answer candidate questions and reduce your drop-off rate.

Connect on Popular Messaging Apps

In the near future, iCIMS will support candidate communication via Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. Widely used around the world, these platforms give candidates instant access to your brand through the technology they already use every day.

"We've noticed an increase in our candidate response rate. They now typically respond within the hour, if not sooner. TextRecruit is the epitome of working smart, not hard."

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