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Hire smarter with the iCIMS Winter 2024 Release

February 20, 2024
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The labor market defied expectations of a crash in 2023, but total hires were down about 13%. Companies still need talent and are keeping roles open – they’re just not always filling them.

Consider that job seekers increased their applications by 14%, and it’s clear there’s a mismatch happening in the market. Employers are either being more cautious than usual, or they’re struggling to find the right talent.

This winter, we’re empowering talent acquisition teams with solutions that help them hire smarter. Our Winter 2024 Release delivers improved decision-making abilities, efficiencies and new features designed to give you a competitive hiring edge – including the introduction of our new GenAI-powered recruiting assistant.

Here are the highlights of new features in iCIMS 2024 Winter Release.


Unlock breakthrough hiring efficiency with generative AI

iCIMS Copilot helps optimize job descriptions

iCIMS Copilot – our new GenAI-powered recruiting assistant – is designed to help your team become more efficient and optimize processes across the talent lifecycle. For example, many talent teams are receiving plenty of applications but struggling to find the right candidates. iCIMS Copilot can recommend ways to improve your job descriptions in ways that resonate with the talent you need.

iCIMS Copilot suggests interview questions

Now you’re getting those high-caliber candidates – it’s time to interview them. iCIMS Copilot can create a full slate of interview questions tailored to each of your roles in seconds.

Current iCIMS ATS users are in luck. iCIMS Copilot is available as a preview feature in the iCIMS ATS.


Deliver better experiences for candidates and employees – at scale

iCIMS Apply Network

There’s more good news for ATS users. iCIMS Apply Network is now available to all iCIMS ATS customers. Your talent acquisition team can now create, manage and distribute job applications to multiple job sites – all within the iCIMS ATS.

iCIMS Video Studio Discover Questions

Two new features are also coming for iCIMS Video Studio to improve user experience. Using Discover Questions, admins can increase the variety of video prompts to better meet candidates’ content needs. With Video Studio Employee Feeds, talent can filter through example employee testimonials without leaving the platform.


Streamline your recruiting operations

iCIMS Dynamic Job Widget

We haven’t forgotten career sites. Our latest release helps you simplify how and where you promote your open roles with a new dynamic job widget in the iCIMS Career Site CMS.

In addition, you’ll gain more control over interview scheduling in the iCIMS ATS, with the ability to manually override calendar events.

iCIMS Interview Scheduling

By allowing the scheduler to see all participants’ free/busy time, you can select a time slot with the fewest conflicts. For example, if you’re conducting a group interview and auto-scheduling suggests three weeks out, you can directly confirm with interviewers which of your calendar events are moveable (such as lunch or focus time).


Learn about more improvements in this release

We’re continually striving to help our customers hire smarter. From new GenAI to improving process efficiencies, current iCIMS users have no shortage of new features and quality of life upgrades to look forward to in this release.

These are just the highlights, however – to see everything included head over to our release resource page.

iCIMS Winter Release 2024


Learn how iCIMS can help you drive ROI

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