How Millennials Can Utilize Mobile in Their Job Search

James Mitchell | Economist Corner
Thursday, Sep 18, 2014
How Millennials Can Utilize Mobile in Their Job Search

According to a survey conducted by GlassDoor, 89% of job-seeking respondents said they plan on using their mobile devices to help find employment. As a millennial, taking advantage of mobile technology when looking for your next, or first, job allows you to get more done in less time, and just might help you land a coveted position before someone else does. However, that's only true if you use the right strategy.

1. Safety First: Protect Your Mobile Search
Before you get started on your job search, make sure your device is protected, this way your important information used when completing job applications is safe. Create a password for your mobile device, if you don't already have one. To reduce the chances of identity thieves or hackers accessing your device remotely, install antivirus software. As a final step, make sure the remote wipe feature is enabled and that you know the procedure to quickly erase your device in the event it's lost or stolen.

Additionally, when applying for jobs, you may be asked to share sensitive information, like your social security number. Take mind to your internet source and avoid public wi-fi hotspots which can be vulnerable to criminals. The best practice is to use a secure internet source that you trust when applying for jobs on your mobile device, so your information is safe.

2. Download Apps of Preferred Job Listing Websites
If you're currently using Monster or CareerBuilder for your job search, be sure to download the mobile app. If you're using another job search website, as the saying goes, most likely, there's an app for that, as well. Other, more generic apps can be useful in your job search, too. Apploi, which takes advantage of the GPS features on your device, lets you locate job opportunities near you. Download JobJuice to prepare for interviews. And, Evernote Hello can help with business card management.

3. Include a Professional Email Signature
Go into your email provider's settings function and make sure you create a solid email signature for use on all job-related messages. Make it more descriptive and professional than the typical "Sent from my iPhone."

4. Set-Up Text or Email Notifications
Be sure to set up email or text notifications to receive alerts of newly posted jobs. This way, you can avoid having to check your mobile device repeatedly throughout the day, and you’ll be the first to know about new job postings for positions that may interest you.

Final Thoughts
The website TheLadders recently conducted a study claiming that if you wait longer than 72 hours to apply for a position after it's been posted on the Internet, the chances of your application even being viewed by an HR professional or hiring manager drop by roughly one-half. That's where your mobile device can come to the rescue. Start using it for your employment search today, and you just might get that dream job before you know it.

Do you know of any other ways millennials can use mobile technology in their job search?

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