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The Transformational Power of Marketing Automation in Recruitment: From Where We Started to Where We're Going

September 12, 2022
iCIMS Staff
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Human Resource Executive and the HR Technology Conference & Exposition recently announced iCIMS Marketing Automation is a “Top HR Product of the Year”! Having built iCIMS Marketing Automation from inception, this achievement is a personal triumph for myself and Adam Gordon, co-founder of Candidate.ID and now the VP of marketing automation at iCIMS. Even more so, this is an incredible victory for the thousands of iCIMS customers that can now redefine their recruitment marketing and talent engagement strategies with this new solution.  

Receiving such an honor is no easy feat. To recognize this incredible milestone in our journey, I’d like to share our vision and how we are using our industry experience to bring an award-winning product to the market.   

Where it all began

In 2015, Adam Gordon and I were in a coffee shop when we began discussing the rapidly changing recruitment landscape. With so much advanced technology at our fingertips, candidates had never been harder to get ahold of and keep engaged. That’s when we co-founded Candidate.ID, which has since transformed into iCIMS Marketing Automation. 

At the time, Adam was working within sourcing and was noticing a distinct pattern in his work – he was seeing the same candidates over and over again. As a recruiter, Adam had no problem attracting candidates. However, he had no way of knowing which of those candidates were engaged or actually interested in a job. As an entrepreneur, I had been providing marketing automation services to fast-growing organizations, helping generate sales and build growth.  

It wasn’t long before we realized we had an overlap in our thinking. What if we applied marketing automation technology to talent acquisition? This is where the idea behind recruitment marketing automation came to fruition.  

We took our idea to the market, asking two hundred talent acquisition managers if this product would benefit them, and almost all of them said yes. That was when we knew it was an idea worth investing in.   

Redefining recruitment marketing

What makes our product different to any other talent acquisition technology? The answer: tracking and scoring. 

Recruitment marketing automation solves what other recruitment technologies just can’t – engaging candidates in a meaningful way, and letting recruiters know which of those candidates are engaged or hire-ready.   

The traditional method for nurturing your candidates works by a batch and blast approach. You send the same thing to everyone based on what you think they might want to receive.  

Using marketing automation, you can stream candidates into diverse communication routes based on how they have interacted in the past and how they continue to interact with your content. There’s no guesswork – you know exactly how your candidates are reacting and you can nurture them based on the content they want to receive. It’s true personalization, at scale.  


Unlocking employers’ full potential

We’ve noticed a pattern with many customers– they have an extensive talent pool of existing candidates, but no way of knowing which candidates are suitable or are interested in a role. And, keeping up with candidates is not as simple as it once was. This is where iCIMS Marketing Automation comes in. By tracking and scoring candidates, our customers have the unique ability to filter their pipeline by engagement.  

Through the continuous shifts in the talent market, one thing will always ring true: business success begins and ends with talent.  

Applying the power of marketing automation to recruitment enables talent teams to nurture candidates before they even know they are interested in applying for a role, helping to create strong pipelines for future recruitment needs. This is a foolproof strategy proven to futureproof our customers’ talent acquisition strategies.  

More than ever, our customers are coming to us to help expand their reach and attract more diverse applicants.  

We have the answer: You need to roll out the red carpet for those you want to apply. iCIMS Marketing Automation empowers recruiters and talent professionals to nurture diverse candidates by personalizing campaigns and communicating through their preferred channels – email, SMS, events, meetups and more. As a result, candidates receive content they actually want to see.  

Coming soon…

We are thrilled to bring our innovative solution to an array of enterprises, helping them fill critical roles and scale their business with less guesswork, and lead the market through the next generation of recruitment marketing.  

In the wise words of Steve Boese, co-chair of the HR Technology Conference & Exposition, “I strongly believe iCIMS Marketing Automation is a critical solution that can help transform talent attraction and engagement,” and I couldn’t agree more.  

The best part? I will be heading from Scotland to Vegas this week to attend the conference and meet all of you! I’d love to show you iCIMS Marketing Automation in action so you can see firsthand how we are transforming the way our customers including Adevinta, Bupa Dental, and Freedom Mortgage attract and engage talent. Stop by our booth (#5915) to meet the team or reach out to me if you’d like to book a one-on-one session. 

We will be sharing more details on the future of iCIMS Marketing Automation at our INSPIRE global conference on Nov. 17. Learn more and register here: www.icims.com/inspire.


Learn how iCIMS can help you drive ROI

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