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iCIMS December Workforce Report: Which jobs made 2023’s naughty and nice list?

December 29, 2023
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Don’t close up shop for the holidays before checking out our December workforce report, which wraps up year-end trends. As a stocking stuffer, we’re also handing out our naughty and nice list — you know, the one about job openings. Check it twice to see where your open roles landed.

The December report covers:

  • Year-end job market trends
  • The popularity of full-time jobs
  • The perfect storm for landing six-figure gigs
  • The year’s most in-demand positions


Application volume ends on a high

The end of the year featured its normal drop in application volume, sinking 11% month over month. But openings and applications are still up from November 2022, and application volume remains 30% higher from the start of last year.

iCIMS data: Platform indicators

While 2023 is ending on a relative high for application volume, it’s important to note that hires are down. The drop raises questions on the part of employers. With more job openings and more applicants, why aren’t they making more hires?

As we ponder the lack of action from employers, it’s only fair to question candidates, too. Job seekers have grown more choosy in their application habits. They’re spending more time on career sites: session duration is up 10% YOY. The candidates who decide to apply generally look at nine pages within a career site.

If the changes in job seeker behavior make one thing clear, it’s that career sites matter. Enhancing your career site won’t just impress candidates — it can increase traffic, boost conversion rates and even reduce your hiring costs. For more insights into how your career site can impact candidate behavior, download the full December Workforce Report.


Full-time jobs are for the win

The idea of a four-day work week is enormously popular, but that doesn’t mean job seekers are vying for part-time gigs. While applications for full-time jobs increased 16% this year, they grew by just 1% for part-time positions.

The changes in job openings for full- and part-time opportunities were also disparate. Openings for full-time jobs grew by 1%. But openings for part-time jobs shrank by 4%.

iCIMS data: Full-time vs. part-time openings and applications

Companies dealing with staffing shortages may open part-time roles to tempt applicants with shorter work weeks. But this data shows that such strategies may do more harm than good. While flexibility is no doubt key in attracting workers, it appears job seekers definitively desire full-time opportunities over part-time jobs.


Surprise ending: 6-figure gigs got more attainable

If you’re looking for a new job, now might be the time to snag one with a six-figure salary. Jobs with salaries over $100,000 saw the smallest percentage change in openings this fall. While openings for roles compensated less competitively fell between 7% and 8%, the coveted six-figure roles saw a percentage change hovering just above zero.

iCIMS data: Job openings by salary bands

If this isn’t enough to convince you to apply for that dream role, it’s worth considering that application rates for these roles have been declining as well. For more insights on your competition (or at least some information to consider as you recruit for these roles and more) grab the full December Workforce Report.


iCIMS’ naughty and nice list

We’ve compiled a list of the most and least in-demand jobs this year. A clear theme emerged from our findings: Healthcare positions saw the greatest growth across the board. The jobs that lagged saw more diversity of industry, ranging from retail to tech.

iCIMS data: Job openings by job type

While the “nice list” jobs are multiplying fast, it’s important to note that they’re not necessarily getting filled the fastest. Healthcare organizations are still battling for skilled talent. Check out the iCIMS blog for more insights on how to find, hire and retain healthcare employees.


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