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Talent Cloud Applied Intelligence (AI)

Drive better candidate experiences, improve recruitment automation, and strengthen employee growth programs with powerful, patented applied intelligence.

Apply intelligence across the entire talent acquisition and mobility lifecycle

Artificial intelligence doesn’t have to be impersonal and mechanical. iCIMS takes artificial intelligence to another level with an applied intelligence approach. That means AI in the iCIMS Talent Cloud isn’t just another integration. It’s native technology, applicable for different uses across the iCIMS Talent Cloud to help simplify, accelerate, and inform your hiring and mobility processes.

Finding the perfect match—for you, your candidates, and employees

Unlike point AI tools or incomplete talent products, iCIMS applies powerful, patented AI at our core – not as a peripheral afterthought – delivering precise guidance and insights that drive better candidate experiences, improved recruitment automation, and stronger employee growth programs.

Personalize and streamline the candidate experience at scale

Exceed candidate expectations with a next-gen digital experience using simplified self-service 

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Enable candidates to receive answers to FAQs, learn from employee-generated videos, and schedule interviews, through over 20 languages with conversational AI 

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Help candidates find the right fit by allowing them to upload their resume and letting Talent Cloud AI recommend roles that align to their skills and experience 

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Shine a light on jobs that may not otherwise be shown to qualified candidates due to inconsistencies in spelling, acronyms, or non-standard job titles with intelligent search on career sites 

Automate recruiting workflows with confidence

Leverage data in the context of your platform and hire quality candidates faster with precise, applied intelligence. iCIMS Talent Cloud AI can help your TA team 

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Provide explanations of results through skills and experience visualizations 

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Discover best-fit candidates from the talent pools of individuals who may have not applied to that role  

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Easily view recommended candidates with “like skills” based on similar resume skills data 

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Avoid missing top talent by categorizing candidates based on relevant skills and experience

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Connecting talent with their next career move

Exceed candidate expectations and identify hidden growth potential across your workforce. iCIMS Talent Cloud AI can help:  

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Give job search guidance for candidates and employees with conversational AI in iCIMS Digital Assistant

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Help talent identify skills to improve their profile through automated suggestions  

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Allow candidates and employees to surface the roles that match their skills and experience—even some that may surprise them 

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Match employees to roles without the need for internal sourcing or unnecessary manual processes  

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Responsible AI

iCIMS Talent Cloud AI feels far from artificial. The applied intelligence methodology within the iCIMS Talent Cloud platform is a critical and foundational element of our predictive technology. We are committed to evolving and strengthening our AI according to best practices and global regulations so you can feel comfortable you are recruiting ethically and responsibly—from attract to advance. 

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All decisions should begin and/or end with human decision points. 

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Private & secure

Applicable data privacy and security measures should be extended to all AI data storage and processing. 

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Technically robust and safe

AI technologies should be designed as robust applications to decrease the risk of unintended consequences or errors. 

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AI contextual recommendations should be explainable to support human understanding and decisions. 

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Inclusive and fair

AI should be designed as fair, compliant technologies to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion while furthering the well-being of customers, candidates, employees, and partners. 

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AI technologies should be designed to work responsibly and to support audits, risk assessments, and mitigation actions aligned with good corporate governance. 


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