High Volume Hiring: 5 Tips to Get It Right

Picture this. You’re a recruiter for a large retail company and you’ve just been tasked with helping to fill positions for the latest hiring spree just in time for the busy holiday season. But instead of filling your normal quota of 30 positions, your team is being asked to fill 100 positions and to do it fast. Is your heart beating faster already? High-volume hiring is a practice recruiting teams are often all too familiar with. It involves hiring a large number of open positions in a specific time frame. On the lower end this could mean hiring one hundred new employees for a small to medium size company. On the higher end this can mean hiring thousands of employees for a larger, enterprise company.

For recruiters, this task can seem overwhelming and it can be difficult to know where to start. So how should you develop your high-volume recruiting strategy? Below are five things you need to keep in mind.

1.      Ensure you have the right technology: In order to properly vet candidates, you need to ensure that your application process is set up to manage the high volume of applicants that you’re expecting. And yes, this might mean purchasing robust applicant tracking software but as the saying goes, you need to spend money to make money! Look for technology that offers best-in-class hosting, scalability and speed and availability. Recruiting requires focus and if your candidates have a poor experience you will miss out on that top talent and potentially miss out on a new customer, too. Candidates who are satisfied with their experience are twice as likely to become a customer of the hiring organization compared to unsatisfied candidates.

2.     Give job seekers what they need: Now that your leadership is onboard check that your current technology is the best platform to suit your needs. Is your career site and application process mobile-optimized? How long is your application? This is especially important when it comes to retail. Organizations can carve 250 percent from their sourcing costs simply by reducing the time it takes to complete a mobile application from 15 to 5 minutes.  If you’re asking your candidates to spend an hour on an application, you’re asking too much and candidates are going to drop off.

3.     Get creative: Last month Amazon announced it would be hiring 50,000 workers across the U.S. with the goal of hiring thousands of workers in a single day. Amazon held job fairs which included tours and sessions with current employees. Job prospects were introduced to robots and other technology that Amazon employs in their warehouse operations. Candidates had the opportunity to see firsthand the work environment that they would potentially be involved with. An experience like that is sure to leave a lasting impression with candidates and really speaks to a positive candidate experience.

4.     Communication is key: According to IBM more than 60 percent of candidates are happy with the speed and ease of the hiring process, 22 percent of candidates said they were not well informed. Your applicant tracking software should be able to track where candidates stand in the application process. If a candidate doesn’t meet the requirements for the position, they should receive a polite “thanks but no thanks”. Your ATS should also help you with scheduling interviews. This is particularly critical for a recruiter responsible for hiring 50 or more employees!

5.     Onboard with style: The often-neglected last step of the candidate experience is onboarding your new employee. Employees should feel excited to begin their career at your company. Make sure the technology you’re using helps to reduce paperwork and errors associated with any manual processes that come with the new hire territory.

If you utilize these high-volume recruiting best practices, your process shouldn’t be as stressful as it may initially appear. There will of course be setbacks and the unexpected will happen. But taking the proper steps and ensuring you have a sound and effective process in place will do wonders in mitigating that stress. With the right tools in place, your business can quickly hire the top talent it needs to grow and see success. Maintain your focus on what you can control. The best companies are able to implement a holistic approach that meets the needs of the organization, the recruiter and the candidate.

High Volume Hiring: 5 Tips to Get It Right

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September 19, 2017


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