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Three Talent Acquisition Tips from Top Employers

January 30, 2018
iCIMS Staff
4 min read

If you’re looking to attract passive and active candidates, it’s time to ditch the post and pray method to achieve strategic business goals. To win the war for talent, your organization needs dedicated tools to succeed.

Human capital management (HCM) solutions fail to leverage social and mobile in the extremely fast-paced and uncontrollable candidate-centric landscape. That said, most HCMs can’t keep up with recruitment.

By comparison, best-of-breed providers hyper-focus on the candidate experience – ensuring that recruiters and hiring managers have the right tools to attract, engage, and retain culture fits.

Here are three talent acquisition tips from Gold’s Gym, AmTrust Financial Services, Samsonite, and Boys and Girls Clubs of America to attract and convert consumer-minded candidates.

Tip #1: You Need a Best-of-Breed Talent Platform that Prioritizes the Candidate Experience

A poor candidate experience can lead to an inaccurate perception of your culture and can eventually decrease your candidate pipeline. For instance, Gold’s Gym faced the challenge of staying competitive within the retail space due to their HCM system that deprioritized recruitment and consequently caused a misrepresentation of their culture while hindering their ability to attract culture fits.

To prevent their business from failing, Gold’s Gym chose iCIMS as their best-of-breed talent platform to revamp their candidate experience with mobile-optimized capabilities to showcase their brand and keep candidates engaged through their career site, social media, and email campaigns.

Companies who have chosen a recruitment-focused talent acquisition platform to do the heavy lifting have increased their return on investment (ROI) allowing them to focus on what truly matters – perfecting their recruitment strategy and delivering a one-of-a-kind candidate experience, from start to finish.

For instance, looking to improve their candidate experience, AmTrust Financial Services removed their dependency on third-party agencies and streamlined their global talent acquisition with iCIMS – allowing them to save $8 million on recruitment costs and increased their candidate talent pipeline by 700 percent.

“We wanted a platform that was easy-to-use and a talent platform that offered an impeccable candidate experience,” shared Kimberley Bowen, vice president of talent acquisition at AmTrust Financial Services.

Tip #2: Your Full Suite Solution Won’t Meet Your Expectations

Did you know that 83 percent of recruiters believe the power has shifted away from where it has been for years, the employer, and towards the candidate?

In today’s candidate-centric market, your HCM won’t cut it for recruitment. Full suite solutions fail to prioritize the small yet significant components of your recruitment strategy – how candidates apply, their engagement levels and how they interact with your employer brand at all touchpoints. Without the right recruitment tools to engage culture fits and showcase your employer brand from start to finish, your organization will stay behind in winning the war for talent will inhibit your ability to win the war for talent.

With consumer-minded candidates in the driver’s seat, time-consuming job applications and a lack of a social presence will create a poor candidate experience that will bleed into your customer service world – affecting business results.

Trying to recruit top-tier talent while under the pressure of meeting global high-volume hiring demands, Samsonite suffered from a lack of key functionality offered by their full suite solution. Samsonite decided they needed a best-of-breed talent acquisition platform and decided to partner with iCIMS to drive their talent acquisition strategy. Samsonite introduced engaging career portals that are branded to match their highly reputable brand name. Candidates also experience an application that is simple and quick to complete, with game-changing support for social and mobile compared to their previous process.

Tip #3: Your Employees Are Your Brand Ambassadors

Did you know 80 percent of hiring managers and 84 percent of recruiters agree that hiring the right people has a direct impact on a company’s ability to achieve its strategic goals?

Your organization can have the best services and surpass every milestone but the real asset your company has to offer are your employees. Essentially, your employees are the best brand advocates you’ll ever find. They voice their opinions and share their stories with consumers – leaving a lasting impression on job seekers.

That said, hiring candidates who fit well into your company culture and who are passionate about your brand can make or break your business. Recruiting the wrong employees can negatively impact your reputation and place your brand at risk.

iCIMS’ customer, Boys and Girls Clubs of America knows the importance of hiring top talent and prioritizing recruitment. After struggling to create a positive candidate experience with their HCM provider due to a confusing online application and a manual onboarding process, Boys and Girls Club chose iCIMS to take their business to new heights with branded career portals to attract culture fits and loyal brand advocates.

“Hiring the right candidates is what drives our business forward,” stated Sue Hurst, director of talent at Boys and Girls Clubs. “We knew iCIMS would provide a great candidate experience to support our business.”

The world of technology and recruitment is ever-changing and to stay ahead, your organization needs to learn from past mistakes, embrace change and prevent risks. To learn more about why organizations should shift their mindset to prioritize the impact talent has on their competitive advantage as a company, check out The Mind Shift that Needs to Happen in HR.


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