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There’s nothing “artificial” about the value AI brings to your talent search

March 22, 2021
iCIMS Staff
5 min read

When you’re looking to reduce your costs associated with empty positions, and you need to speed up the time it takes to get qualified candidates into open roles, you need genuine solutions.  You need efficient ways to identify and compare job seekers with the most appropriate skill sets and experience. You need to do so without bias and without excessive time spent reviewing inbound resumes from only marginally qualified candidates.  This is where adding responsible and ethical AI capabilities into the early stages of your hiring flow gives you immediately recognizable benefits.   

“Companies using AI matching are 2x more likely to improve diversity of source and 3x more likely to improve time to fill. – Aptitude Research 2021 Talent Acquisition Tech Key Findings  

Speed the discovery of best-fit candidates with AI recruiting software 

There may be dozens or even hundreds of resumes flowing in from current job board advertisements and even more candidate profiles within your existing talent pools – but how many are you actually reviewing? (And ask yourself – how effectively you are using your talent pools for re-discovery?).  If your team is only reading through 20% of available resumes, you miss the potential in 80% of candidate data in your database. Adding AI within your CRM and ATS enables you to automate the review of the entirety of that talent base.  Automated review in AI recruiting software not only accelerates the matching of profiles to job requirements, but also eliminates potential recruiter bias associated with preference for applicant source or even demographic speculation. 

AI-based matching of available candidates to posted job openings lets you spend less time sourcing and spend more time actually recruiting. That is, getting best-fit candidates into your hiring flow as efficiently as possible. iCIMS 2020 Workforce Report found that last year, it took 42 days on average to fill a non-technical role and 61 days to fill a technical role.  Using AI during candidate discovery can knock 2-3 days off that time to fill and deliver more robust list of candidates to hiring managers for their consideration. 

Managing your candidate slate with Talent Cloud AI recruiting software 

Finding a talent match against an open job posting is a great start, but AI can help you further compare and prioritize best-fit candidates from your qualified candidate list.   Sometimes it can be challenging to determine which is more important – skills or related job experience. But there’s no reason why you can’t use both of those criteria and develop a slate of candidates with a mix of desired attributes and consider them as comparably qualified.  This is yet another way talent teams can diversify their selection of recommended candidates AI recruiting software.  iCIMS Talent Cloud AI solution further gives employers a visual explanation of compared candidates in tiered clusters, or cohorts.  In AI-speak, we call this “explainability.”  These explanations can also validate the prioritization of a candidate, or candidate group, over others.  

Candidate pool on AI recruiting software

Learn more in our blog: How to Best Use AI Recruiting Software 

Building AI priorities for your hiring 

The value add you get when AI makes you more efficient and more effective in securing top talent is anything but artificial.   iCIMS recommends that talent teams collaborate with the teams that manage their tech stack to evaluate the best ways to get more intelligence into your hiring systems.  We’ll even get you started with your AI wish list: 

  • Automated review of 100% of available candidate profiles 
  • Confirmed matches for skills and experience 
  • Remediation of unintentional recruiter bias 
  • Dramatically reduced time spent sourcing 

You can explore shared priorities with your HRIT and HROps colleagues, and team up on AI goal setting with our ebook: Transforming Recruitment with AI – A collaborative guide for Talent and Technology Leaders.

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