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3 talent acquisition trends shaping the 2022 workforce

Increased demand for talent was a key theme across industries in 2021, and so far, 2022 does not look any different. A record 4.5 million workers quit their jobs in November, and early January 2022 iCIMS data shows job openings are up 86% since pre-pandemic, yet applications are down 11%.  Download the full report here on January 18.

It seems the workforce is not responding to employers’ calls for workers, posing more challenges as we start the new year.  I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Jewell Parkinson, Chief People Officer at iCIMS, as she shared three emerging themes that will continue to shape the workplace and fuel talent transformation in 2022. Consider these trends and talent needs as you rethink how your teams attract, engage, hire, and advance talent to build winning teams.  

  1. The way (and where) we work.Hybrid and flexible work environments are here to stay, and talent leaders must focus on engaging workforces in new and different ways to remain competitive. Talent engagement strategies must be inclusive of individual needs and motivations, not solely what works for the masses. People are looking for personalized experiences and want to work for a company where they can grow.” 
  2. Reimagined talent mobility and advancement programs. “As such, retaining and retooling talent is becoming incredibly important as companies focus on maximizing employee potential, empowering talent to have visibility into their potential career path and navigate a long-term future with the company. The real skills are power skills, or behavioral/soft skills, that take time to learn and comes with experience. Gaining power skills will be vital for Generation Z, the largest generation now entering the workforce.” 
  3. A renewed focus on culture and the employee experience. “The other major themes focus on empathyandwell-being, key elements of workplace culture. Factors such as workplace engagement, leadership and job design remain critical, as does employees’ mental health, burnout and resilience. Employers need to prepare for, as well as foster, a workplace that respects the coalition and community building that will continue to take place, while supporting employee wellness, to tackle the intangible effects of the pandemic head-on.”  

Dig deeper into the latest labor market trends and job seeker activity here. 

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