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3 examples of recruitment marketing automation in action

September 28, 2022
iCIMS Staff
6 min read

Whether you’re recruiting for the future or hiring in-demand talent in a competitive market, every recruitment team has its own unique set of challenges.

Overcoming obstacles in talent acquisition isn’t always easy, but with the right people, processes, and technology it can be easier.

This post will cover three examples of recruitment marketing automation in action and how it can help you solve your individual talent acquisition obstacles.


Three dentists stand smiling in a room full with shelves full of medication

How to refresh an existing ATS database

Leading UK provider of dental care builds a database of talent

With a team of more than 2,500 dental professionals, Bupa Dental offers private and National Health Service treatments, providing dental care to over two million patients across the UK.

Bupa Dental had an extensive database of dental talent that it had built up over the years. However, it had no way of knowing which candidates were still interested, or to what degree.

With so many potential job seekers, and with no way to tell who was ready for a hiring conversation, Bupa Dental needed a way to automate its recruitment marketing. Enter iCIMS Marketing Automation, which enables recruitment teams like yours with the ability to nurture candidates at scale.

By sending a series of personalized communications to its audience, Bupa Dental is using recruitment marketing automation to:

  • Nurture a previously unengaged database of talent
  • Tailor communication to candidates’ behavior
  • Send personalized communication to specific job seekers

Tracking and scoring candidates

Not only will recruiting marketing automation allow Bupa Dental to nurture its candidates, but it now has the unique ability to track candidate engagement across its entire digital footprint. Using iCIMS Marketing Automation, recruiters know exactly which candidates are cold, warm, and hire-ready. There’s no need to spend  valuable human time cold-calling candidates to find out who’s interested in a role – recruitment automation does it for you.

The results of recruitment automation for Bupa Dental

By tailoring communications based on interaction and creating a personalized marketing automation workflow, Bupa Dental’s open rates were as high as 82% with an average open rate of 77%.

Using iCIMS Marketing Automation, Bupa Dental turned its significant database into a defined pipeline of in-demand dental talent. Bupa Dental saw increased engagement of its database of dentists, and increased hiring activities for hard-to-fill roles.

How your talent acquisition strategy could benefit from recruitment marketing automation

You work hard to create recruiting content that resonates with job seekers who are serious about your company. What if you could target the right person with the right content? You can with tech that scores candidate engagement and shows who’s ready to make their next career move.

If you have a large database, put it to work with a personalized nurture campaign. Those who engage in your communications will show that they are interested in your employer brand and are ready for a hiring conversation.


Candidate with a laptop talks to a hiring committee

How to increase diversity hiring

How a leading UK university transformed its talent acquisition strategy

This university has one ambition – to give anyone, anywhere, the power to learn. Helping over two million students realize their ambitions, this university makes learning accessible to all.

In recent years, the university has made it a key priority to drive diversity hiring across all university disciplines. In doing this, it has embraced a shift in its entire talent acquisition model. The university is moving from traditional methods of recruitment to a more advanced means of engaging with its candidates – using recruitment automation.

Creating pipelines of diverse talent

The university is using iCIMS Marketing Automation to create engaged pipelines of candidates from diverse backgrounds, such as Black, Asian, and minority ethnic individuals (BAME), candidates with both neurodiverse and physical disabilities, and women in STEM. The university is also using recruiting automation to recruit candidates anonymously which is proving to be successful in encouraging talent from diverse backgrounds.

The results of recruitment automation on diversity hiring

Using recruiting automation, the university achieved 99% direct hiring with only 6 agency hires overall. Simultaneously, it achieved a 35% increase in BAME appointments year on year from 20% to 27%, and 65% of its workforce is female. In the UK, 42% of full-time staff in higher education are female making this significantly higher than the national average. Using marketing automation, the university transformed its talent acquisition strategy. Recruiting automation increased recruitment activities while also encouraging diverse applicants across the university.

How your talent acquisition strategy could benefit

Hiring a diverse and inclusive workforce is fast becoming a top priority for talent teams. What if you could drive diversity hiring and increase recruitment effectiveness at the same time?

Talent pipelining is the way to go.

By turning your talent pool into a defined pipeline of cold, warm, and hire-ready talent you can nurture diverse candidates throughout the recruitment process.


Young employees take notes while looking at a laptop

How to attract entry-level and early-career talent

How a global advertising company engages recent graduates and current students

Adevinta is a global classifieds specialist with online marketplaces in 15 countries. Its technology and teams connect buyers and sellers helping people find homes, cars, jobs, consumer goods, and more.

Using iCIMS Marketing Automation, Adevinta nurtures its early careers pipeline worldwide. By sending regular, helpful communications to candidates in the early stages of their career, recruitment automation helps the organization engage candidates and build employer brand awareness. Tailored learning and brand content, as well as targeted communications at specific times of year are just some of the ways Adevinta is engaging the early careers market.

The results of recruitment marketing automation for Adevinta

With an average open rate of 60%, iCIMS Marketing Automation enabled Adevinta to create an engaged database of in-demand early careers talent. Ninety-five percent of the company’s early careers database actively engage with the content they are receiving proving the true power of marketing automation for talent acquisition.

How your talent acquisition strategy could benefit

Attracting the early careers market to your organization is key in creating sustainable methods of talent acquisition. However, it isn’t always as easy as people think. How to do it? Attract candidates before they are ready to apply.

Futureproofing your talent acquisition strategy is about playing the long game. You must engage candidates in the early stages of their careers, all the way from student to graduate to hire.

Using a personalized nurture campaign, you can be sure that your brand is at the forefront of candidates’ minds when they are ready to apply.


The power of recruitment automation

iCIMS Marketing Automation is the only marketing automation tool for talent acquisition offering true candidate nurture at scale. Using trackable links and engagement scores, recruiting automation lets you know which candidates are interested in your employer brand and are ready for a hiring conversation.

Download your complete guide on the talent journey here to discover everything from attracting to advancing talent.

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