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How Novant Health Digitally Transformed Talent Acquisition

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Novant Health brings together world-class technology and clinicians to provide remarkable care — a simpler, more convenient and affordable experience — to more than four million patients annually. It encompasses approximately 30,000 employees, including 1,600 physicians across an integrated network of 15 medical centers and hundreds of outpatient facilities and clinics in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia.

Novant Health’s mission to support communities is entirely dependent on its team of talent acquisition specialists to hire between 6,000 and 7,000 team members each year. This responsibility was only going to get more complex and challenging as the chronic shortage of qualified healthcare increases, and the US population continues to age and expand their healthcare needs. So, beginning in 2017, Novant Health’s team led the initiative to switch from their legacy on-premise ATS’s recruitment module to iCIMS’ solution to improve the experience for both candidates and hiring managers, gain better access to data to improve recruitment, and support their strategic vision to transform HR, specifically in these areas:

Legacy ATS iCIMS
System performance Application was slow because of customized workflow and code, causing poor applicant and hiring manager experience. Scalability was also a challenge. Cloud-based (SaaS) platform that is completely configurable and scalable, without the need for costly and time-consuming code changes. Access is intuitive, immediate and available 24/7/365
Candidate pools Unable to fill candidate pipeline and maintain communication with talent in an automated way. Forced to use a costly, third-party CRM. Automation engages and fills pipeline of qualified candidates.
Streamline and eliminating paper Onboard process was entirely manual and paper intensive, making it difficult to navigate and track the applicant onboarding status. Involved seven individual forms to be scanned, indexed and printed per candidate. The integration between iCIMS Onboard and OnBase (document repository) enables candidates to complete their administrative tasks within minutes versus hours. Candidates can also keep track of tasks via a portal. Novant cut onboarding time by 9%, equating to about $300,000 in annual savings.
Recruiting metrics to improve employee retention Previously, data queries about recruitment from legacy on-premise ATS were sent to an FTP site for analysis using SAP’s Business Intelligence. Now, recruiting KPIs including time to fill, time to hire, time to onboard, are combined with HR data to provide a comprehensive view of metrics that help improve employee retention and engagement.



Textbook implementation and rollout

Novant Health’s implementation team was led by Vaso Perimenis in HR Operations and Marilyn Gilliam in Talent Acquisition through the selection, configuration and implementation stages. The team worked with iCIMS’ professional services team for over 300 hours to build its new recruiting platform, including customized workflows, internal and external career portals, and robust integrations into their background check, assessments and HRIS (legacy on-premise ATS) providers. To overcome the stigma of the poor experience of using a legacy on-premise ATS’s recruiting module and prepare for go-live with iCIMS, Novant Health’s talent team trained more than 3,000 hiring managers by:

  • Hosting more than 20 training webinars
  • Creating a computer-based self-administrated training
  • Setting up ‘onsite labs’ at medical centers throughout their network to provide healthcare staff with hands-on experience
  • Enabling hiring managers to access the system a week before go-live to ensure jobs were posted

Since implementing iCIMS, the talent acquisition process continues to evolve at Novant Health. Along with members from HR service center, talent acquisition and provider recruitment, the HR technology team formed a talent acquisition technology enhancement group that meets weekly to address and make ongoing improvements to the system. In the past 12 months, the HR technology team and their iCIMS Customer Success Manager implemented over 100 enhancements to the system. These enhancements include things like workflow upgrades, candidate and hiring manager surveys, integration changes, automation to existing processes, personalization and creation of new dashboards.

Since the system has such vast configuration options, the changes have been mostly self-administered and alleviated hundreds of hours of transactional work. Part of Novant’s business metrics package involves tracking candidate feedback in real-time, and with these enhancements in place 98% of the candidates rate the application process as simple, transparent and easy to complete.

“The configuration capabilities within iCIMS have allowed me to work faster and independently from our IT department. We are able to make updates and respond to requests and demands from the organization so much faster than in our previous environment,” said Amy Southern, senior business system analyst at Novant Health.

The onboarding process gets a digital makeover

After implementation, Novant Health noticed a need for a new and enhanced onboarding process. The team was determined to transform onboarding for new employees and align it to a modern consumer experience.

The organization uses iCIMS Onboard and an integration into a document management system, OnBase, to streamline new-hire paperwork. Now, when someone is put into onboarding, automation works to help them complete a background check and submit an I-9 form, speeding up the process. As a result, Novant saw a 9 percent drop in their onboarding time, equating to about $300,000 in annual savings.

Powerful workforce analytics for a 360-view of hiring

Novant Health pulls data from nearly every field in iCIMS into their business intelligence software, marries it with data from their other HR software systems, and creates actionable data for their business. As they move toward an end-to-end view of talent acquisition success, they’re able to go beyond traditional KPIs and move into true business intelligence.

While Novant can tell their efforts have helped them to fill positions faster since implementing iCIMS, knowing how that speed translates to retention and overall employee engagement is key.

“Our biggest internal customer is our talent acquisition team. They need insights into their own data so that they can understand the level of service they are providing. We started with a talent acquisition SLA scorecard that provides a performance score for the talent acquisition specialist and hiring manager. This holds everyone accountable for the talent acquisition cycle,” said Vaso Perimenis, vice president of HR Operations.

“Realizing the power of SaaS solutions in talent acquisition, we were determined to leverage the technology and transform all processes relating to onboarding to be automated so we could eliminate waste and create a world class, personalized consumer-grade experience for our new team members.”

Alen Brcic,
director of HR technology, Novant Health