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iCIMS INSPIRE 2023 | May 9, 2023

The conference for talent acquisition innovators

INSPIRE unites the community of talent acquisition innovators everywhere. This year was no exception, with breakthrough sessions delivering creative solutions and best practices.

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Opening keynote: The best ideas in talent acquisition begin here

Join iCIMS CEO Brian Provost and CTO Al Smith as they discuss the latest business and tech trends, the current talent landscape and how to break through to drive business forward.

Break through the noise: Uncovering talent trends with data

As the leading talent cloud company, iCIMS’ expertise and data intersect to deliver unparalleled insights on talent and workforce trends. Join Rhea Moss, director of data insights, for the latest market insights to help inform business decisions and drive competitive advantage.

Beyond buzzwords: How top talent leaders are really tackling talent acquisition in 2023

Leaders from The Wendy’s Company, Rivian and CommonSpirit Health cut through the media narrative and find out what talent pros are really seeing in the labor market and how they are preparing for whatever lies ahead.

Live recording: The Chad & Cheese Podcast with featured guests

The self-proclaimed “recruiting industry geeks,” will close the day with an engaging and inevitably humorous live podcast recording, featuring iCIMS leaders and customers, that is guaranteed to bring the house down as only they can do.

Brian Provost

Chief Executive Officer

Al Smith

Chief Technology Officer

Rhea Moss

Director of Data Insights and Customer Intelligence

Laura Coccaro

Chief People Officer

Rameen Fattahi

Director, Recruiting Operations & Insights

Jackie Schierenberg

VP, Candidate Experience
CommonSpirit Health

Stephanie Shaw

VP, Enterprise Technology
The Wendy’s Company

Joel Cheeseman

The Chad and Cheese Podcast

Chad Sowash

The Chad and Cheese Podcast

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