A Snapshot of Competition for Talent in The U.S.

A Snapshot of Competition for Talent in The U.S.

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iCIMS Staff


Tuesday, Jul 26, 2016


The world of work is changing faster than ever.
With most employees open to a career move, recruiters and HR professionals are working harderthan ever to attract and retain top talent. By offering competitive salary, benefits, and perks, employers are hoping to become the employer of choice. But is it enough?
This survey of 400 U.S. full-time employees explores what motivates people to leave a company, revealing the most important factors when it comes to happiness at work. The report discovers five key trends in competing for talent: industry preferences, company brand preferences, the gig economy, benefits, and nontraditional benefits and perks. While employers cannot always change or match the preferences of job seekers, the underlying reasons behind their motivations to work elsewhere may help employers identify tactics to retain the talent they already have and attract new talent. This report also compares the preferences of each generation and gender.
This glimpse into the mind of the employee sheds light on professionals' attitude when it comes to job satisfaction and job seeking evaluation.