Virtual Recruiting

In recent years, virtual recruiting has evolved from a novelty to a necessity for recruiters around the world. Recent disruptions to the world economy, as well as to our ability to travel and congregate, have only made virtual recruiting more important to every company’s hiring strategy.

Here’s we’ll explore why virtual recruiting is important and how companies can apply it to their recruiting strategies.

What is virtual recruiting?

Virtual recruiting is a hiring process that takes place remotely, without face-to-face interactions between recruiters and candidates. It is usually facilitated by technology solutions like:

  • Video conferencing software
  • Virtual event software
  • Chat solutions

These enable recruiters to host interviews and evaluate candidates from a distance.

Virtual recruiting encompasses almost all aspects of the digital recruiting ecosystem. In addition to video conference interviews, recruiters can engage candidates virtually through:

  • Text recruiting
  • Live chat
  • Automated chatbots

Virtual events like career fairs, seminars, info sessions, webinars, and professional development sessions are also versions of virtual recruiting.

The pros of virtual recruiting software

The biggest advantage of virtual recruiting is the ability to continue recruiting efforts even in challenging situations, such as:

  • When it is not safe to meet face-to-face
  • When candidates and recruiters are separated by long distances

Offering virtual hiring options ensures there are always alternatives when face-to-face meetings are not possible.

In some cases, candidates may prefer a virtual interview instead of an in-person interview. Offering virtual meetings as an option can not only improve the candidate experience, but it can help recruiters save time.

Virtual recruiting enables recruiters to screen more candidates in a shorter timeframe, especially when they are empowered with other online tools like assessments, templates, and automated applications.

Finally, virtual recruiting can help to remediate bias in the recruiting process. Candidates who previously would have been looked over due to their location become potential hires when you can meet them virtually. When paired with other digital recruiting solutions, such as AI recruiting software, organizations can eliminate bias even more.

How to apply virtual recruiting in your recruiting strategy

Your virtual recruiting strategy must be supported by other recruiting technologies and software. Some of the most important tools include:

You should also incorporate ways to introduce candidates to your company culture without the need to invite them into the office. Virtual office tours, virtual meet-and-greets with office staff, and virtual training sessions are all great ways to bring the in-office experience online.

Finally, you should take advantage of virtual events as part of your recruitment marketing strategy. Virtual career fairs and virtual “open houses” are a great way to bolster your talent pool, as you can engage talent from around the world at little cost.

Unless circumstances require it, virtual recruiting should only be part of your overall recruiting strategy. Leave the option open for candidates who would prefer to interview in-person and be sure to incorporate communication tools that enable you to teach candidates on their preferred channels. Some candidates still prefer a phone call, but others may want to communicate via SMS, social media messaging apps, or video conferencing.

Elements to keep in mind when engaging in virtual recruiting

Virtual recruiting may work differently than the traditional recruiting process, but it should still adhere to the same standards. When searching for virtual recruiting solutions, use tools and software that will integrate seamlessly into your existing recruiting technology. If you use automation, task scheduling, and text recruiting tools as part of your regular recruiting strategy, you should incorporate them into your virtual strategy as well.

You can also integrate your virtual strategy into your recruitment marketing efforts. A robust career site, personalized messages, and clear branding are all important elements for developing a strong hiring funnel, whether you’re engaging candidates in-person or virtually.

Important software offerings for virtual recruiting

Virtual recruiting is an all-encompassing strategy that requires the use of many different types of software applications. Generally, you’ll need to integrate your strategy with standard HR solutions like an ATS, HCM, employee onboarding tools, payroll management solutions, and more.

The tools you’ll need to launch a virtual recruiting initiative include:

  • Video conferencing tools
  • Virtual event tools
  • Chat tools
  • AI-powered candidate sourcing solutions
  • Automated workflows
  • Branded career pages and landing pages

By combining these elements, you can attract viable candidates to your organization to build an engaging virtual experience.


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