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Recruiting has become more challenging due to the increasing complexity of the hiring landscape. But new opportunities to engage candidates are emerging as well. Text chat and chatbots are now an important part of the recruiting process, as they can help to engage candidates more effectively and find talent more efficiently.

According to one survey, 43% of talent acquisition professionals had used text chat to engage candidates and applications, and 88% had reported positive feedback from applicants about the process.

But it can be challenging to keep track of recruitment chats over multiple channels. Furthermore, hiring managers, recruiters, and talent acquisition professionals can’t waste time chatting with candidates who aren’t a good fit, and candidates don’t want to spend time chatting with a recruiter who isn’t going to give them a position.

Thankfully, chat recruiting software makes the process easier for everyone.

What is recruiting chat software?

Recruiting chat software refers to any software application that facilitates chat or text messaging engagement during the recruitment process. A recruiting chat software application could be part of an end-to-end recruitment platform, or it could exist as a stand-alone application that can be added to the recruitment process.

Many chat recruiting applications also include a chatbot feature. A recruitment chatbot—sometimes referred to as a “conversational agent”—is a software application that mimics human conversation during the recruiting process. Candidates may engage with the chatbot directly on a career site, asking it questions or selecting options to complete certain tasks.

What does recruiting chat software do?

Recruiting chat software centralizes chat and text messages between candidates and recruiters, so they can be accessed from a single location. It also facilitates the deployment of AI-powered recruitment chatbots that can answer frequently asked questions and even vet candidates, allowing them to move more seamlessly through the recruiting process.

Most recruiting chat software integrates with career sites. Recruiters can place a chat window on the site that visitors can interact with organically. This allows candidates to chat directly with a representative or chatbot while they are browsing positions on the site—there’s no need for them to send an email and wait for a response.

Recruiters and hiring managers can also use recruiting chat software to initiate conversations with candidates across various channels, including social media apps and SMS. This way, there’s no need to switch between services to engage candidates on the platforms they prefer most.

Why do employers use recruiting chat and chatbot software?

There are a few key benefits of using recruiting chat applications and chatbots. Namely, they can help recruiters:

  • Save time
  • Automate administrative tasks
  • Engage candidates through new channels
  • Improve the candidate experience

Chat applications and chatbots improve the candidate experience by allowing candidates to communicate more naturally. Instead of drafting an email and waiting for a response, the candidate can chat with recruiters (or an AI) the same way they might send a text message to a friend. This is quickly becoming a normal exercise in the recruiting process.

Recruiting chat software also creates a written record of communication between employers, recruiters, hiring managers, and their candidates. Recruiters can refer to the chat log to ensure they’ve sent candidates information or that they’ve communicated their value proposition effectively.

How does a recruiting chatbot work?

A chatbot is a computer program that’s designed to mimic regular human conversation. They can be installed to function on a website, but they can also be used through other communication channels like SMS and social media messaging services.

Whereas a regular chatbot may allow the user to ask questions and receive pre-programmed answers, an AI-powered chatbot interacts more organically. Users can chat with an AI-powered chatbot in the same way they communicate with a human through a regular chat program. The AI will interpret the text, then provide the most logical answer, such as the answer to a question or a link to a useful resource.

Recruiting chatbots may be linked to a knowledge database to allow candidates to get their most basic questions answered without the need for an employee to step in. With the right software, you can even deploy chatbots that facilitate many of the steps in the recruiting process, such as accepting candidates’ resumes and learning about their backgrounds.

What to look for in recruiting chat and chatbot software

Your recruiting chat and chatbot software should work seamlessly with other recruiting and HR applications in your technology stack. For example, if you have a tool for producing career sites, it should be easy to install a chat or chatbot feature into the backend of each site while it’s created.

You should also look for chat software that includes the following features:

  • Proactive messaging
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Database and third-party integrations
  • Mobile readiness
  • Robust security
  • AI-powered chatbots

Keep in mind that chat software should enhance the candidate experience and serve as an option for engaging candidates. Some candidates may still want to engage via email, while others may wish to use multiple channels at different stages of the recruiting process. Use a chat system that integrates with your applicant tracking system, so you can document all that information and keep it centralized.

iCIMS’ recruiting chat and chatbot software

The iCIMS talent acquisition software includes all the features you need to attract, engage, hire, and advance your candidates, including chat and text recruiting features. Create powerful career sites to attract potential hires, then engage them with AI-powered chatbots that guide them through the process and answer their most pressing questions.

iCIMS recruiting chat solutions shorten time-to-hire and cut costs, enabling you to reach recruitment goals faster. Candidates will also be impressed by the ability to pursue career opportunities on their favorite channels and through their smartphones, no matter where they are.

To learn more about iCIMS Talent Cloud and our chat-based recruitment solutions, book a demonstration today.



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