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A vibrant cross section of the global economy, these regional businesses and large enterprises use iCIMS to employ millions worldwide. Their teams move markets, cure diseases, launch satellites, and find innovative ways to bring communities closer together.

Creates a culture of internal mobility.

Decreased time to hire by 65%.

Saves $2M on agencies, hires 2X faster.

Hits 98% direct hiring with iCIMS.

Tailors iCIMS for its community of 1,500 hiring managers.

Rehires former employees with a targeted campaign.

Cut time to close candidates by 50%.

Streamlines hiring across the globe.

Increased applications by 55%.

Doubles headcount with the all-in-one hiring platform.

Exceeds hiring goals by 119%.

Drove more than 100,000 applications in 15 months.

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Scales TA operations alongside organizational growth.

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Hires at scale quickly after streamlining its recruiting process.

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Leverages text recruiting to create a sleek candidate experience.

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Hires at scale quickly after streamlining its recruiting process.

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Improves candidates’ experience while reducing recruiters’ workload.

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Uses reference checks to hire top performers who will stick around long-term.

How a beloved restaurant hires 40,000+ annually with a great candidate experience​.

How a diverse UK borough removes barriers to apply for under-represented candidates.

Scaled hiring in 8 countries by localizing the candidate experience.

Hires 17,000+ employees annually following an acquisition.

Doubles flight attendants hiring classes with iCIMS Indeed Apply integration.

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Uses marketing automation to nurture and engage employee and alumni candidates.

Uses marketing automation to identify hire-ready candidates.

How a charitable organization uses text recruiting to cut ghosting by 30%.

Uses employee videos to help early career candidates envision their journeys.

Engages significantly more candidates using recruitment marketing automation.

Automated and optimized its recruiting processes.

Improves its candidate experience by incorporating feedback.

Fills positions 45% faster by texting with candidates.

Increased qualified candidates with an updated career site.


Improves talent engagement with video.

Leverages employee video testimonials to attract interns and early career candidates.



Makes the hiring process more efficient and collaborative with video interviews.

Automates recruiting and improves communication resulting in faster, less expensive hires.

Prescreens candidates 59% faster using on-demand video interviews.

Discover how Novotel is creating a stellar candidate experience through recruitment process digitalization

Improved both recruiter and candidate experience with video.

Creates a seamless candidate experience with accelerated pre-screening.

Scales its decentralized hiring by automating processes and attracting 50% more applicants for niche finance roles.

Achieves a 27% application conversion rate and 25,000 candidates per month.

Automated the hiring process with video interviews to hire more qualified candidates, faster.

Hires 3,000 specialized IT professionals and engineers per year with security clearance.

Uses global hiring metrics and video testimonials to hire thousands of diverse manufacturing candidates per year.

Sources 2,000 to 3,000 hourly employees across 80 properties by streamlining hiring, onboarding, and performance metrics.

Fills more than 1,400 positions by making it easier for busy nurses to apply and communicate with recruiters.

Hires across 13 locations by centralizing recruiting and reducing application time from 30 minutes to 3.

Grows its business by automating recruiting processes and using text messages to engage hard-to-reach candidates.

Builds a pipeline of engaged talent and maintains an industry-leading 15% annual turnover rate.

Attracts candidates for more than 7,000 global locations using a network of engaging, location-specific career sites.

Uses recruiting data to fully staff its manufacturing plants and save £170,000 on staffing agencies.

Recruits global candidates to work on life-changing medicines including therapies for blood disease and cancer.

Hires 47,000 seasonal workers each year to open its parks safely and on time.

Unified recruiting efforts and hired 4,000 medical professionals during a merger.

Increases hiring of critical healthcare roles by 50% per month, including expensive, hard-to-find anesthesiologists.

Attracts and retains 4,000+ healthcare professionals for challenging positions in 125 correctional facilities.

Scales hiring across its global manufacturing and retail locations by integrating the Talent Cloud with ADP.

Improves data governance and completely automates onboarding across the $20 billion company.

Creates a localized, regional hiring experience to fill niche tech roles in more than 60 countries.

Sources and engages a large team of hourly workers across more than 260 locations in North America.

Doubled workforce to 40,000 strong to power a global expansion.

Competes for talent in the southwestern U.S. and cut time to fill in half by automating the hiring process.

Saves $300,000 annually while hiring and onboarding 6,000 to 7,000 healthcare professionals.

Recruits rocket scientists by integrating Talent Cloud data with UKG.

Reduces high agency fees and keeps its construction sites staffed despite talent shortage.

Sources 2,800 seasonal hires each year in just a few months with a strong pipeline of engaged talent.

Saves $13 million in recruiting costs and increased pipeline of qualified, engaged talent by 700%.

Hires a workforce of more than 2,000 engineers and construction professionals to fulfill complex civil infrastructure projects.

Reduces reliance on recruiting agencies to hire engineers by integrating the Talent Cloud with Oracle Taleo.

Hires thousands of hourly specialized craft workers by growing their talent pool by 10x and applications by 15x.

Hires up to a week faster for its global coffee supply chain.

Keeps locations staffed and turnover low as the company grows by building and acquiring new properties.

Saves more than $1M in recruitment costs by switching to iCIMS.

Gets back 1,100+ hours a year for recruiters with advanced automation.

Hires passionate home healthcare providers faster by automating the hiring process.

Streamlines recruiting process and hires 30 days faster with the Talent Cloud.

Streamlines hiring and onboarding process to overcome shortage of experienced nurses.