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Infirmary Health

How one of Alabama’s largest employers treats healthcare recruiting in a challenging market.

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Infirmary Health facilities treat more than one million patient visits annually. Staffing its network – which includes five hospitals and several clinics – requires Infirmary Health to hire about 1,400 people per year.

Before partnering with iCIMS, Infirmary Health was using HealthcareSource. Infirmary Health’s Employment Services Manager went to market for a solution. She cites her former system’s poor interface and poor reporting capabilities as the primary factors behind the change.

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Infirmary Health's approach

Singley and her team use iCIMS for complex reporting and dashboards to keep her executive team informed on hiring progress, including time to fill reporting, open requisitions, filled requisitions, and employee retention reports.

“We get a lot of data out of iCIMS – and it helps us make crucial business decisions, especially during the pandemic response,” Singley said.

iCIMS also helps Infirmary manage when new physicians’ offices or clinics join their health system, a common occurrence these days due to healthcare reform.

Our applicants immediately had access to a system that was more intuitive, easier to use, and easier to apply to. Our hiring manager and recruiter experiences have changed for the better.

Employment Services Manager, Infirmary Health

Infirmary Health also uses iCIMS’ Text Engagement to help modernize its communications. The ability to text candidates interview reminders, follow up on email communications, send background screen or drug test reminders, and have new hires complete paperwork digitally has been a game-changer for Infirmary.

“Nurses spend their day at the bedside. They also work different hours than a typical corporate job. So, texting has been crucial to communicate with them, especially because they might not ever check their email,” Singley said.

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