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Marketing automation software

Deliver personalized experiences for every candidate automatically

Say goodbye to generic, one-off email campaigns. iCIMS Marketing Automation is the only solution that automates and personalizes entire candidate journeys based on their unique behaviors.

Award-winning recruiting software

The iCIMS recruitment marketing ROI multiplier


Above-average open rate for Healios’ behavior-based campaigns


Candidate database engagement rate for Mott MacDonald


Cut in Specsavers’ ad spend

Automatically transform cold talent into hire-ready candidates

Sit back as behavior-based automation nurtures your entire candidate database across multiple channels. You get notified when your leads are maximally engaged, helping your recruiters focus their time on the candidates most likely to apply.

Put recruitment marketing campaigns on autopilot

  • Reduce recruiter burnout. Leverage the power of an automated, hyper-personalized nurture and sourcing engine.
  • Get wildly productive. It’s time to cut one of the most time-consuming tasks: personalizing touchpoints across your candidate base.
  • Read the room. Ramp up messages with interested talent and ease up on less engaged people — automatically.
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Automate recruitment marketing across multiple channels

  • You can be everywhere at once. Reach talent where they prefer to interact — text, email, video and more.
  • Provide unique journeys based on interactions with your social posts, reviews, career sites, campaigns and more.
  • Track everything. Review the performance of each piece of content so you know what works and what needs updates.
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Find qualified, interested leads in minutes

  • Strike gold in no time. Allow your teams to discover which talent is cold, warm or hire-ready at a glance.
  • Put a “hot leads” list in your recruiters’ and sourcers’ hands so they can reach out before your competitors do.
  • Find “the one” on a tight budget. Access the power of talent rediscovery using our filtered search to identify previous applicants and former employees.
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Budget better and use what you have

  • You’ve already got what you need. Start by sourcing talent from your ATS and CRM databases before spending your budget on acquiring new candidates.
  • Integrate with your ATS to connect with people you know and love — and who like your brand already.
  • Marketing Automation + CRM = recruitment marketing utopia. Connect with leads in a more personalized, scalable way.
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The power of iCIMS Marketing Automation helped us transform an inactive and expensive ATS database into an active talent goldmine for immediate and future hires.


Key capabilities of recruitment marketing automation

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Pipeline management

Filter candidates based on real-time engagement scores so you know who is cold, warm and hire-ready

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Candidate tracking & scoring

Track candidate engagement across your entire company digital footprint and score actions based on intent

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Campaign builder

Build automated recruitment marketing campaigns, hyper-personalized and at scale

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Candidate engagement

Track candidate interactions so you can engage with candidates who show the most interest in your business

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Automated actions

Free up your recruiters’ time with automated recruitment campaigns and automatic recruiter notifications

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Candidate experience

Track engagement for all content so you know which messages interest your candidates most


There are three simple steps to getting started with iCIMS Marketing Automation:

  1. Know your data
  2. Know your content
  3. Know your contacts

Marketing automation doesn’t have to be complicated. Watch this short clip for a deeper insight into getting started with iCIMS Marketing Automation.

Based on third-party cookies, trackable links are embedded across your company’s digital footprint so you know which candidates are engaging in your content. An engagement score is assigned to each candidate based on interaction. Engagement scores are measured in real-time letting you know which candidates are cold, warm and hire-ready.

Yes, iCIMS Marketing Automation can integrate with your current ATS so you can utilize your existing candidate database. iCIMS integrates and centralizes recruiting solutions to provide one interface, the iCIMS Talent Cloud. Our Marketplace offers more than 300 products from your favorite vendors, including background checks, talent assessments, access to our service and advisor partners, and more.

We pride ourselves on working with customers to problem-solve, advise, and provide excellent all-around support. As further detailed in our Support & Maintenance Policy, technical support is available by phone or on the web and includes 99.9% subscription availability. You can also connect with a network of passionate talent professionals on our Community site. There you’ll find additional resources, including forums and groups, customer programs, events and webinars, and so much more.

With application numbers for each job higher than ever, marketing automation saves recruiters hours every week and days every month. By nurturing candidates before they are ready to apply, iCIMS Marketing Automation helps recruiters effectively build and manage pipelines for future openings.  

Automation also allows you to personalize recruitment campaigns based on candidate interaction. With iCIMS Marketing Automation, your candidates will get the content they want to see, building engaged pipelines of in-demand talent. When the time comes, you will have ready-made pipeline of top talent.

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