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How KEO International Consultants hits 98% direct hiring

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As KEO’s business grew, so too did interest from job seekers. KEO’s talent acquisition team regularly receives between 1000-2000 applicants per job opening, depending on the role. Unable to keep up with volume of applicants using their current recruiting system, KEO’s team needed a solution that could engage their ever-growing candidate database, find and hire the best talent and stay on par with industry best practices and standards.

The KEO International Consultants approach

Shortly after implementing iCIMS, KEO’s talent database grew to more than 500,000 candidates. KEO’s recruiting team sends automated follow-up emails to everyone who applies, ensuring transparency and consistency of communication throughout the entire recruiting process. With so few of its competitors doing this, KEO has gained a competitive edge in demonstrating to candidates that the company cares about them.

“It seems like such a simple thing, thanking candidates for applying and updating them on future opportunities if they’ve been unsuccessful. Making that personal connection and valuing their interest in us has had such an impact on how they feel about working with KEO in the future,” said Jillian Geddes, Human Resources Director.

The proof? Since implementing iCIMS, KEO’s recruiting team receives messages from candidates every day thanking them for their approach.

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Re-engaging past candidates

KEO’s talent acquisition team used to spend significant time and money advertising new roles and utilizing recruiting agencies. Now, KEO’s team utilizes their database to keep past candidates engaged for ready for future opportunities.

Since adopting iCIMS, KEO’s team has made 700-1,200 job offers every year, never dropping below a target of 98% direct hiring. This saves recruiters a significant amount of time searching for new candidates, and yields a big return on the team’s investment.

With iCIMS, we are building a strong employer brand that shows we care about our candidates and employees. They’re happy to engage with us as a result.

Niall Hughes

Associate Director of Talent Acquisition, KEO International Consultants

Attracting local talent

Bringing young locals into the business is a key objective for KEO’s recruiting team. With iCIMS, the team tracks candidate data to ensure that they both attract local talent to the organization and meet diversity objectives.

KEO’s team can also target people from specific nationalities for their roles, helping them consistently meet regional nationalization targets.

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Building a company that cares

Since implementing iCIMS , KEO International Consultants has won numerous LinkedIn awards across the region, growing its following to more than 550,000.

“As a result of using iCIMS, we’ve been able to build our employer brand, connect with candidates and promote exactly who we are,” said Jillian Geddes, Human Resources Director at KEO International Consultants. The team ethos has seen a huge shift, with the new system helping create a culture of togetherness. “When one person on the team succeeds, the whole team shines – iCIMS has helped us achieve this culture.”

Year after year, iCIMS is ahead of the market, looking to what’s new and what we can do next. Being future-orientated, iCIMS is helping us push industry standards.

Jillian Geddes

Director of Human Resources, KEO International Consultants

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