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Creating a stellar candidate experience by digitalizing recruitment processes

The Novotel Paris Centre Gare Montparnasse is one of Accor Invest’s flagship hotels, managed by the AccorHotels group. The organisation employs around 50 hospitality and restaurant staff. How are the recruitment processes led in an establishment where client satisfaction directly depends on the contact with staff?

Mickaël Carlier, deputy director and Talent & Culture manager of the hotel has agreed to share his views and experience of the iCIMS Video Interview solution, which has been used for two years in his company.

“The key word here is customer experience”, and this standard is equally applied to the recruitment process."

Talent & Culture manager, Novotel

For each recruitment process, one special strategy

Apart from jobs in the kitchen for which technical abilities are most important, the pre-recorded video interview is used in two different ways:

  • When there is a large number of candidates: every candidate receives a link to the video interview and only those who respond to the pre-recorded video interview are then invited to the next step of the recruitment process. This strategy helps to identify which applicants are truly motivated.
  • During a collaborative recruitment process: the candidate receives the invitation to the video interview when they are thought to be suited to the job, in order to be able to share the video with the other members of the team.

The advantages of iCIMS Video Interview for the hospitality industry

Number 1: Time saving, without a doubt

A pre-recorded video interview enables to save quite a lot of time when evaluating skills and, therefore, selecting the best candidates. But what Novotel likes the most about this is the flexibility that the tool offers, since it avoids difficulties in meeting candidates, who often have different work schedules in the hotel business. The video interview is therefore ideal for Novotel, in terms of sending the invitation for the interview and viewing it at the desired time, as well as for the candidates who can reply according to their availability.

Number 2: Sharing the interview

Novotel Paris Centre Gare Montparnasse is keen to have a collaborative recruitment process in order to promote the integration of the new recruits. This option allows candidates’ video interviews to be shared with colleagues, which Mickaël Carlier is particularly attracted to thanks to its flexibility.

Number 3: Togetherness

The deputy director works very closely with different managers to put together these videos instead of a simple text in the interview, in order to bring a human side to this step. It also allows the candidate to be imagined with their future colleagues in their future office. And the team doesn’t limit themselves to basic questions! They are looking to really discover who the candidate really is, which can lead them to questions such as “What is the funniest thing that has ever happened to you?”. We won’t pretend that we wouldn’t have wanted to find out the most eccentric responses…

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