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Riyad Bank

How one of Saudi Arabia’s top financial institutions attracts top talent to lead its digital transformation with the iCIMS Talent Cloud.



Riyad Bank is one of the largest financial institutions in Saudi Arabia. With more than 5,900 employees, the company is the Saudi organization with the highest national employment rate of 94%. The organization is currently going through a company-wide digital transformation with the aim to automate more and energize processes, from customer experience to the recruitment process. This means better tech solutions as well as attracting and hiring top tech professionals.

85 %

of candidates who received an invitation, recorded a video interview


...and growing!


new graduates hired as part of the Graduate Program

Riyad Bank’s approach

Riyad Bank’s recruitment process starts with a psychometric test to assess essential technical, numerical, and behavioral skills. Candidates that pass are then invited to record a video interview. Riyad Bank integrated the on-demand video interview into its recruitment process for faster and improved hiring. By offering a seamless and digitalized process to talent, they can attract top professionals and stay ahead of the competition.

“Riyad Bank wants to provide a unique experience. Candidates need to be pampered and go through the smoothest experience. The iCIMS Video Interview solution serves this purpose.”

SVP - Head of Recruitment Department, Riyad Bank

How iCIMS helped:

Attracting and hiring rare profiles

Riyad Bank used iCIMS Video Interview to boost its Graduate Program recruiting campaign. 200 invitations were sent to qualified candidates. 170 recorded a video interview, 120 were selected for a face-to-face interview and 20 were hired in their 2020 promotion.

Providing the best candidate experience

“We were looking for the best solution possible for our candidates, something unique”, said Riyad Bank’s SVP – Head of Recruitment Department. Riyad Bank explored the market and found Easyrecrue offers the easiest user experience for their customers as well as great support service for their talent acquisition team. “We have received positive feedback from candidates who were trying the recorded interview for the first time, stating that it allowed them more freedom for the first step of the process,” they said.

Improved recruiter experience

Riyad Bank’s eight-person hiring team can hire better profiles faster thanks to the pre-recorded video. Sharing the videos with hiring managers and being able to watch them several times if needed means they have a better understanding of who the candidates are. Shortlisting is easier and teams see fewer candidates as the interview videos reveal more of the candidates and they quickly have a better understanding of their skills and potential. Moreover, in a context where avoiding face-to-face meetings has become the norm, the on-demand video came in just in time for Riyad Bank. “Both candidates and recruiters can go through a safe process. The pandemic has changed mindset and people are ready to go full virtual.”

As a next step, Riyad Bank plans to hire junior to intermediate-level profiles for diverse positions across the company. They are confident the solution will continue boosting the recruitment process.

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